Three questions about compensation through an accident lawsuit in Acworth

Acworth, GA – Following any kind of motor vehicle accident, the people who were injured may have a number of questions. This can be related to paying for medical bills, how the process for a lawsuit works, and the time frame to complete this entire process. Fortunately, there are lawyers who have years of experience helping people in this situation, and they are dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive as much compensation as necessary to solve their problems caused by the incident. 

How long does an accident lawsuit take?

The short answer is that the time from filing a case to receiving a settlement or going to trial can usually last between six months and a couple of years. However, certain cases take longer, especially if settlement talks with the defendant or their insurance provider are difficult. Factors that can affect the length of the case include the complexity of the accident and number of different parties involved, the amount of information that needs to be exchanged during the discovery process, and whether any delays occur. As far as timing goes, it is also important to speak with a lawyer shortly after the crash and bring the lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires. 

What can the victim expect to receive as compensation?

The amount that a defendant will have to pay out for causing an accident can vary greatly. The plaintiff’s economic damages are based on the client’s specific proven medical costs and lost wages while they remain out of work to recover. These amounts tend to be much larger if the person was seriously injured. Other compensation available can include non-economic damages for pain and suffering related to quality of life problems caused by an injury. In cases where the defendant needs to be punished for reckless behavior, punitive damages may be available as well. 

How can the victim increase their chances of success?

Immediately after the collision, the person should report the collision to their insurance company and local law enforcement. This will help start an investigation and the insurance claim process. It is also helpful if the person can gather basic information from the scene such as the other parties involved and take some pictures for use as evidence later. They should also try to remain in touch with their lawyer and quickly provide information as necessary. 

Georgia accident lawyers

Amanda Hall Injury Law is a firm that handles accident lawsuits in Acworth and other nearby parts of Georgia. Their attorneys are able to meet with anyone who needs advice about how to proceed after an injury. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that connects people with the right lawyers in any city or state. Those who need a referral to a licensed attorney can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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