Three things civil lawyers can do for drunk driving accident victims in Donaldsonville

Donaldsonville, LA – When drunk drivers cause collisions, they can face both criminal charges from the government and civil lawsuits from any accident victims. Victims should always try to meet with a civil accident lawyer to discuss their options and determine the amount of compensation that may be available. In some situations this may also be the only way for the victim to get help paying for medical bills and other losses connected with the collision. 

Filing the lawsuit

If a victim of a drunk driver wants to be compensated, they will need to file a separate civil lawsuit regardless of the outcome of the criminal case and charges. This is done by drafting a document that needs to be filed in the local civil court and a copy is served to the defendant. This is called a complaint, and it needs to have a specific format that states the facts surrounding the accident, the legal grounds for the lawsuit, and a statement for relief. After it is filed, the defendant is given a chance to respond and then the parties begin to exchange information through the discovery process. 

Reviewing the available evidence 

The victim’s lawyer will have to look at a number of different pieces of evidence and information related to the drunk driving accident. Because DUI cases have a number of different elements, this can include the accident report, the evidence from the police related to the criminal investigation, statements from any witnesses, and anything else that is relevant to the case. The type of evidence that is available can also affect the attorney’s plan for preparing for trial and settlement talks. 

Settlement negotiations almond concluding the case

Almost all civil lawsuits are concluded with a settlement rather than a trial in court. This means that the victim’s attorney and the defense attorneys for the driver or their insurance company will have to come to some kind of agreement regarding a fair amount of compensation. However, settlement negotiations can be difficult in some cases based on the specific facts of the accident and the amount of money at issue. This is why it is important to retain an attorney with extensive experience in this area. When a final settlement agreement is reached, the lawyer needs to review the terms with their client.

Accident lawyers are available in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with local clients in the Donaldsonville area to receive compensation. Their lawyers focus on various kinds of civil injury and accident cases. 

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Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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