Three ways car manufacturers may be liable for an accident in Yuma

Yuma, AZ – Manufacturers of products that present dangers to consumers can be made to pay for any harm that they cause through products liability lawsuits. As a general rule, the business that manufactured the product will have to pay victims who were harmed during the item’s normal, intended uses. Unfortunately, when motor vehicles have product liability issues, the driver may not know about these problems until there is a sudden failure or problem that results in an accident. Car companies often issue recalls to try to prevent these kinds of accidents once a problem is discovered, although this is not a perfect solution. Injury attorneys can provide more information about products liability to anyone who needs advice in the Yuma area. 

Manufacturing defects

When vehicles are mass produced, it is possible that a problem during the manufacturing process can cause a problem that creates issues when the car is operated by the consumer at a later time. Manufacturing defects are usually limited to a specific vehicle or range of vehicles that were produced at a certain time before a problem was corrected. In most cases, these defects may go unnoticed by the manufacturer until a driver reports an issue or a collision

Defective design

When a defective design is an issue, this means that all units in a product line were designed in such a way that they may present dangers or hazards during their normal use, even if the product is functioning as intended. In the past, this has resulted in some situations where large volumes of vehicles needed to be recalled, or drivers were aware of certain design problems that were likely to result in injuries or other problems. 

Strict liability

Arizona law follows most other jurisdictions in the United States in imposing strict liability on vehicle manufacturers when a products liability defect is discovered. This means that it can be difficult for the manufacturer to defend against a lawsuit, as long as one of their vehicles was sold in a condition where the defect was present. Liability attaches from the moment the item is transferred from the seller to the buyer. This kind of strict liability should provide an incentive for vehicle manufacturers to conduct adequate safety testing and carefully review their cars before finalizing a design and selling them to the public. 

Advice from an accident lawyer in Arizona

There are accident attorneys near me who can provide advice about products liability and other issues in Yuma and other parts of Arizona. Schneider and Onofry is a firm that has lawyers who are available to meet with anyone who has questions about this process. 

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