Tips on finding a good name for your business – and how to trademark it

What’s in a name, Shakespeare once wondered. For the rose he had in mind, the name is indeed irrelevant, but, for your business the name is essential. Even if the product or service you’re offering is truly great, you still need to think in terms of marketing it. Your company name must be unique and catchy, so it sticks with people. Don’t forget to trademark it!

Your company’s logo deserves the same attention. It needs to stand out. Think of McDonald’s famous golden arches. Anyone seeing that sign will know a McDonald’s must be nearby. 

Deciding on a good name and logo takes some effort and, once you’re satisfied with your choice, do the smart thing and contact reliable trademark lawyers in your area to protect your rights.

Here are some tips to help you find a great name for your brand.

Brainstorming is key

Talk to your business partners, family and friends about the name of the future company or product. An informal setting is best. Let everyone have fun coming up with names. Or, if you have a name on your mind, share it with them and see what they think. Try to use the word in various sentences.

Easy to spell and pronounce

If you want people to talk about your brand, the name must roll easily off the tongue. Most people would refrain from mentioning a word for fear of mispronouncing it. The same applies to written communication. Think Apple – everyone knows how to say or write that.

Not too restrictive

Maybe you’re planning to start a business selling shoes, but, who knows, a few years down the line you may want to add bags that go well with them. Or socks. The name you pick for the company must be suggestive but also allow for growth and diversification. Few people remember that Amazon started with books. Fortunately, they were smart enough to go for a name that today allows them to sell anything from dog food to laptops. 

Don’t be afraid to put your heart into it

People love a good story. If you name your business after your precious daughter, this is something that will get them talking about you and your products. Just don’t make it weird. 

Smart, but not too smart

How many people know that Nike was the Greek goddess of victory? That was a bit of a gamble, but it made sense as those running shoes were made with winners in mind. Don’t go for a name that very few people would get, no matter how smart it seems to you.

Make it unique

No one likes copycats. Everyone knows that Abibas is not the real deal, but a cheap Chinese rip-off. Also, you don’t want to copy a famous brand name because you may not be able to register the trademark. 

Once you’re happy with the name of the company, talk to skilled trademark lawyers. They’ll deal with the paperwork. There’s more to it than simply filing a trademark application. Your lawyers will have to check that the name is available and this involves digging through various registries and databases. Remember that if the name and logo are too similar to an already existing one, the US Patent and Trademark Office may reject your application.

Also, as soon as you’re set on the name, get a .com domain for it and create social media accounts for it. 

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