Tips on finding an immigrant in a Georgia detention facility

Atlanta, GA – An undocumented alien risks being arrested at any time and when that happens the family will often struggle to find them in a detention facility in Georgia. The family needs to act fast because the conditions inside these facilities are dreadful and because that person is in dire need of legal assistance. Detained immigrants do not get a free attorney and, without legal counsel, they risk being deported.

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to trust a knowledgeable Atlanta immigration attorney to locate your loved one and help them prepare their deportation defense. 

What are the main reasons ICE might arrest you?

Any illegal immigrant and sometimes even legal permanent residents can be arrested. The most common reason include

  • Committing a crime
  • Arriving at the border without a visa
  • Missing a prior immigration hearing
  • Having an outstanding removal order in their name.

An undocumented alien can be arrested during a police raid on a place where immigrants congregate or at their place of work, but also if someone tips off the ICE. 

How to find an immigration detainee

Technically, this should be easy as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a huge database that can be accessed 24/7. Unfortunately, many immigrant families have found this experience to be a true nightmare. 

For one thing, this database is not exactly up to date and there’s usually a delay between the arrest and the moment that person’s name is introduced into the system. Keep in mind that human operators are generally unfamiliar with foreign-sounding names. If the name of a detainee is misspelled it’s extremely difficult to locate them. 

Another problem is that the system will ask you to provide their so-called A number, a nine-digit number assigned to an immigrant by the Department of Homeland Security. 

If the person you’re looking for is a legal permanent resident, the A number will be on their Green Card. If it’s an illegal immigrant, they may be assigned an A number at the moment of their arrest, so you won’t know about it. All that remains is looking them up by their name and hoping for the best.

How can an immigration lawyer help you?

The first thing your Atlanta deportation lawyer will do is try to have the immigrant released on bond. For that, they must obtain a bond hearing. Only immigrants who can prove to be of good character and who are not deemed to be a flight risk get a bond hearing.

Whether the immigrant makes bond or not, the main issue remains their hearing before the Immigration Court. 

One of the most common defense strategies is adjustment of status, usually based on family ties. If the immigrant has close relatives with US citizenship or legal residence, they can apply for a family-based Green Card. An immigrant may also apply for asylum if they have been on US territory for less than a year. 

 If you have any problem concerning immigration, you need to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney at the Kuck | Baxter Immigration LLC law firm in Atlanta and let them help you start a new life in Georgia.

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