He was a “real estate agent turned serial killer,” and now his victims are demanding he pays the price for the pain and suffering he has inflicted upon those he harmed and killed.
Todd Kohlhepp seemed like your average guy. He worked as a real estate agent in South Carolina and even owned a 96-acre Woodruff home. But, in 2003, things took an odd turn in Kohlhepp’s life when he began his killing spree [Source: WLTX 19]. Three of his victims were killed in a shooting at a Spartan County motorcycle shop although that case went cold until Kohlhepp later confessed to the crime.
Things got even worse in 2016 when he continued to take the lives of innocent individuals. Kohlhepp even held one of his victim’s captive for sixty-five days. Kala Brown, 32, said she was held prisoner in a metal shipping container and when she was finally discovered, she had chains around her ankles and neck. During the time Brown spent in captivity, she said Kohlhepp raped her “every day, twice a day.” She said he also bragged to her about the “number of killings he had committed.”
Although Kohlhepp has been serving his life sentences in state prison since the killings and the kidnapping were discovered, he was brought into court on July 11, 2018, after his victims filed personal injury lawsuits as well as a wrongful death suit against him. This hearing was the first time Brown had been in the same room with her kidnapper and assaulter since she was rescued.
Judge R. Keith Kelly was presiding over the case and despite the number of lawsuits filed against Kohlhepp, he agreed to consider the following:

  • A foreclosure lawsuit concerning the Woodruff property.
  • Brown’s personal injury lawsuit.
  • Johnny Coxie’s wrongful death lawsuit. Johnny and his partner Meagan Coxie were two of Kohlhepp’s victims he killed. They left behind two children who are now struggling to find their way without their parents.

Brown’s lawsuit seeks $360,000 million for the ongoing treatment she has already received and will require in the future. Based on the trauma Brown endured, her SC personal injury attorney said, “she’s going to require medications her whole life and intense psychotherapy.” Her attorney also added, “Brown will continue to require weekly visits with therapists.” While Brown hopes that she will one day be able to serve as an advocate for others who have gone through traumatic experiences of their own, she must get through the recovery process first.
In terms of the other lawsuits that were filed, so far Judge Kelly is willing to consider the motions toward another $40 million filed for damages. As of right now, no decision has yet been made and no damages have been awarded but you can expect Kohlhepp will be back in court where a decision will be settled on. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the families of the other victims came forward and filed suit as well for the pain they have had to endure for the loss of their loved ones. Kohlhepp was responsible for killing Charlie David Carver, Brown’s boyfriend, Spartanburg couple Johnny Coxie and Meagan McGraw Coxie, and four people from a Spartanburg County motorcycle shop in a shooting that occurred back in 2003. He also took the life of Brian Lucas, Scott Ponder, Beverly Guy and Chris Sherbert.
And while these killings have been linked to Kohlhepp, Brown “continues to speak about some of the additional killings Kohlhepp claims to be behind. She said that he told her about additional unsolved slayings but did not provide details that could lead to another case closure.”
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