Top 3 reasons you should hire a tax attorney in Denver

Denver, CO – Nobody likes to do taxes or to have any dealings with the IRS. A lot of people wonder whether they should hire a tax attorney. Is it a good idea or is it a waste of money?

That depends on your specific situation. If the IRS only needs a few documents from you, then you probably won’t need a lawyer. 

However, there are certain cases when getting a tax lawyer is the best thing you could do. Having a professional represent you will save you not only a lot of headaches but also a lot of money. Here are three difficult situations when you should get in touch with knowledgeable Denver tax attorneys.

 You have years of unfiled tax returns

This is going to be brutal. If you’ve been ignoring the notices the IRS sent you over the past few years, you’re in a very uncomfortable position at this point. Having an accountant fill in those tax returns won’t be enough to solve the problem. If you have a few years’ worth of unpaid taxes, you cannot possibly hope to clear up the mess without an experienced tax lawyer helping you put your papers in order. What you’re looking at is the IRS hitting you with wage garnishments and tax liens on your property. 

And keep in mind that if you keep ignoring the problem, you might be facing criminal charges as well.

When you hire a skilled Denver tax lawyer they will help you negotiate with the IRS. Your priority is negotiating a payment plan that won’t bankrupt you. Also, if your lawyers manage to negotiate a payment plan, this will stop any garnishment or lien problem. But you will have to pay your dues according to the plan. Or else!

You’re being audited

Few things in life are so annoying as an IRS audit. This can happen to both individuals and business owners. Your accountant can help you locate some of the documents required, but you might want to have a tax attorney watching out for you. Besides the sheer misery of going through the audit, there’s the worst-case scenario you need to be prepared for. You might disagree with the auditor’s decision. What can you do? You can file an appeal, but to go against the mighty IRS you will need a seasoned tax lawyer. Your lawyers will examine the IRS’ decision and look for ways to challenge their initial judgment. Maybe you can submit more documents, maybe some facts were misrepresented or misinterpreted. There are a lot of ways to challenge the IRS. And even win!

 You’re facing criminal charges

This should be obvious. If you’re facing tax evasion charges, you will need very good Colorado tax attorneys to keep you out of jail. Your lawyers can help you by reviewing the charges the IRS brought against you. If you simply didn’t file your tax returns, they might mount a defense arguing that you’ve been experiencing unusual hardship and this prevented you from fulfilling your duties as a decent tax-payer. Or your lawyers can challenge the IRS by proving that you did not intentionally conceal taxable income and those deductions you made were in fact legitimate.  

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