Top 5 Preventable Workplace Injuries in Oregon

PORTLAND and PENDLETON, Ore. According to the Oregonian, on average 30 workers die in on the job accidents every year. On the job injuries can also be devastating for workers and their families. These injures can mean time away from work, high medical bills, and lost wages. Individuals in Oregon who are injured on the job are entitled to worker’s compensation coverage. This can help pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, work retraining, and lost wages. If you are having difficulty with a claim or if your claim was denied, visit www.joelwbaruch.com today.
Many workplace accidents could be easily prevented with proper precautions on the part of employers. Here are 5 common preventable workplace accidents:

  1. According to the Insurance Journal, overexertion results in over $35 billion in worker’s compensation costs. Generally, overexertion occurs when workers lift, pull, hold, or carry while on the job for extended periods. Bending, crawling, kneeling, walking, and climbing injuries are also common. Employers can prevent these injuries by giving workers regular breaks, by providing proper safety equipment, such as back braces, and by providing proper training and equipment.
  2. Individuals who work at height face unique dangers. Employers have a responsibility to provide proper safety equipment, harnesses, and training to prevent accidents. Every year, falls result in close to $15 billion in worker’s compensation injury costs.
  3. Entrapment in Machinery. Individuals who work around heavy machinery should be properly trained and should also receive proper safety equipment. Loose clothing, hair, or jewelry can become entangled in moving parts, leading to injuries. Proper barriers, uniforms, and training can prevent these injuries.
  4. Car accidents. When you drive on the job, you are at risk of being in a crash. Car crashes are among the leading causes of injury and death in adults. If you’re driving a specialized vehicle, it is important that your employer provide adequate training and licensing. Additionally, your employer is responsible for maintaining the safety of any vehicle you operate on the job.
  5. Slick surfaces, wet surfaces, ice, or oil can lead to slips. A slip without a fall can lead to injuries, back problems, and other issues. Even if you haven’t fallen, it is important to report any workplace injury, no matter how minor it may seem at the time. Even a seemingly minor injury can result in serious consequences down the line, if not reported.

There are many ways individuals can get hurt on the job. Some occur due to workplace conditions. Others occur because of the nature of the job itself. If you’ve been injured on the job, it is important to let your employer know right away. Your employer will provide you with forms and file a worker’s compensation claim to make sure you receive the protections you may deserve. If you’re having problems with a claim, contact the San Diego injury law firm of Bruce S. Meth today. Our firm can review your case, help you appeal a denial, and offer you guidance going forward.

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