On July 20th, the actions of Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Howard Kurtz, and Ed Henry were brought up in federal court. Jennifer Eckhart, who was a former administrative assistant at Fox News accused Ed Henry of rape and she also claimed that Fox News violated laws regarding sex trafficking. Ed Henry was fired on July 1st after an initial investigation of the case was conducted.

Both Jennifer Eckhart and Cathy Areu are seeking litigation against Henry and current Fox News Hosts Sean Hannity, Howard Kurtz, and Tucker Carlson.

They are also filing a lawsuit against Fox News with the claim that the network not only protects but also rewards their male figures who carry out acts of sexual harassment. The lawsuit is claiming that the only reason Ed Henry was fired in the first place was so that Fox News would not have to face a backlash from the public. The lawsuit brings a strong case as it mentions that Fox News was very well aware that Henry was guilty of sexual harassment in the workplace as early as in 2017 and all they did was suspend him for a few months and then allow him back in with a promotion.

Henry was accused of threatening to punish anyone who did not comply with his sexual demands, and he was also accused of using his power to get what he wanted from women who were much younger than him. Eckhart claimed to have been graphically raped while being handcuffed in a hotel and the proof of violence was shown through text messages. Not only that, but she said he further took photos of her without any clothes on to use against her to gain more power and to make her more subservient to his demands.

Eckhart said she filed a complaint with human resources in February 2020 regarding the work environment she was exposed to, and in return, she was fired in June of 2020. Areu, on the other hand, claimed that she was constantly asked for sexual relationships by Carlson, but when she denied them, she was retaliated against by not getting any appearances on any more shows.

This is not the first time Fox News has come under fire for sexual misconduct allegations. Former CEO’s and hosts have been accused of serious cases of sexual misconduct as well.


What should I do If I am suffering from sexual harassment in the workplace?

Anyone who is suffering from sexual harassment in the workplace should make sure they preserve all the evidence they can, and they should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. Sexual harassment can escalate very quickly, and a person should report it as soon as possible to protect themselves and prevent matters from getting out of control.



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