If you own a home in Honolulu, HI it is likely you purchased at least a standard homeowner’s insurance policy to protect your home along with the things inside of it. The fact is, most lenders won’t allow you to purchase a home without insuring it although many times, the types of coverage you choose to buy along with the limits are left for you to decide upon. Now, with that said, just because you did purchase insurance coverage for your home doesn’t always mean your claim is going to approved in the event you submit one for the damage your home sustained.
While you might be wondering why or how this is even possible, it is important to understand that there are a number of reasons why home insurers deny claims. Below we are highlighting a few of these reasons in the event you are currently dealing with this right now.

  1. You submitted a claim for flood damage but you only purchased a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. When many individuals purchase their insurance coverage, they automatically assume flood damage will be covered. But, this is a misconception many get confused by and often find themselves with a denied insurance claim instead of a check from an insurance agent to cover the repairs their home needed. The fact is, whether your home was flooded because an appliance broke or a natural disaster such as a hurricane caused water to seep into your home, your insurer won’t cover your claim unless you purchased an additional policy exclusively for flooding.
While most insurance policies cover fire damage, if you cannot provide your insurer with an inventory of what was destroyed, you risk having your insurance claim denied.
  1. Your fire damage claim was denied because you couldn’t supply your insurer with proof that you owned the property you claimed was damaged in the fire. While most insurance policies will cover almost anything inside the home that is damaged by flames, smoke, soot, and ash, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Insurance Division says your insurer can ask you to provide them with an inventory of what was damaged. The fact is “the company is only required to pay for personal property you can prove you owned at the time of the loss.”

It is important to be mindful of the fact that insurers may cover a claim “if heat generated by a lava flow caused a fire that damaged your home.” But again, they may ask for proof indicating you actually owned the properly and can deny your claim if you are unable to submit this information.

  1. Your insurer is acting out of bad faith or delaying the processing of your claim for an extended period of time. While most insurance companies will pay for a claim given you have adequate insurance coverage, some companies choose to deny them despite the fact that your policy explicitly states you are covered for the type of damage that the claim was submitted for. That would be considered acting out of bad faith. Your insurer may also choose to prolong the processing of your claim just so they don’t have to pay it.

Now, if you find yourself faced with a denied insurance claim in Hawaii and aren’t sure how to rectify the issue as you believe your insurer made a mistake, USAttorneys.com would be glad to help get you connected with a denied insurance claim attorney in Honolulu, HI today. Although most denied claims can be easily resolved, sometimes, a denied insurance claim lawyer may have to step in, especially if your insurer isn’t willing to work with you to correct their mistake.
Therefore, if you would like to begin receiving assistance with your insurance claim dilemma and need help finding a local insurance attorney in Honolulu, contact USAttorneys.com today.

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