Many cities across the U.S. experienced a substantial amount of rain back in April and also so far in May, and perhaps this is the time when motorists need to be extremely cautious and attentive as they drive. As you know, when roads become slippery when wet and even flood from the rain, it increases the chances of an accident occurring, especially when drivers fail to take into account the inclement weather. Unfortunately, this behavior is common among many drivers including one trucker in Louisiana who decided he was going to ignore the signs that warned him that the roadway up ahead was closed due to flooding.
This is what happened as a result.
As the tractor-trailer carrying a load of logs continued traveling down Highway 120, which was closed off because of severe flooding, the truck soon became disabled. Town Talk reported that the driver of the 18-wheeler had to be rescued by the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office and his truck was left there until it could be removed from the several feet of water. But, here’s where things took a turn for the worst. During the nighttime hours, KTBS said the load of logs shifted, causing the truck to fall onto its side. And as a result, fuel began to spill out and into the flooded roadway.
The next afternoon, several departments were dispatched to the scene in an effort to clean up the mess. The sheriff’s office, Natchitoches Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the Natchitoches Parish Fire District No.4, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and TAS Environmental Services all were on the scene. Some were responsible for assessing the spillage while others assisted with the clean-up preparations.  Another company was also called out, bringing heavy equipment with them to help turn the truck back to an upright position.
Because the tractor-trailer driver did display signs of negligent behavior as he deliberately disobeyed the roadway signs, he received a citation.
Now, although this trucker could have avoided driving through the flooded highway, not always can drivers avoid flooded roadways. So, if you ever find approaching standing water, here are some helpful things to remember:

  1. Don’t drive into flood water that is moving or more than four inches deep. Rather, let other cars that are approaching pass first and if possible, take an alternate route to where you need to go.
    Try and avoid driving on roadways you know are prone to flooding after a rainstorm hits.
  2. If the water if less than 4 inches deep, drive slowly and steadily so you don’t make a bow wave.
  3. Test your brakes as soon as you can after driving through the flooded roadway.
  4. If you get stuck in flood water, the Automobile Associations says it’s better to stay in your vehicle until help has arrived.

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