It was back in 2019 when Kristen Cavallari, best known for her time on the MTV reality series Laguna Beach, and Jay Cutler, a former NFL player, began showing signs that trouble was brewing in their marriage. Cavallari told sources that things had gotten “so bad” that she began looking for a new residence in the fall of 2019 for her and the couple’s three children to live in. At the time, Cavallari says her husband was not opposed to her buying a new home.

After Cavallari initiated the home-buying process, it was stopped after “she and her husband attempted to salvage their marriage,” reports E News. After some time had passed, the two realized “the attempt to reconcile was not working and knew a divorce was inevitable.” Then, in early March, the news source says the couple began speaking about divorce again which prompted Cavallari to start back up with the home buying process.


Cutler Accused of Blocking Cavallari from Utilizing Funds to Purchase a Home


Although Cavallari told sources that her husband did not object to her purchasing a home in 2019, he allegedly notified his attorney that he did not want their business manager to release the funds she needed to buy a home in mid-March. Cavallari says she believes Cutler did this to “punish her.” Cavallari also accused Cutler of “attempting to intimidate [her] into agreeing to a proposed parenting plan that is unfavorable to her.”

The mother of three is claiming that Cutler has also refused to leave their marital residence.

Because Cavallari believes that “it is not in the best interest of either party or their minor children [for her] to reside in the same household,” she has requested that the judge allow her to use her portion of their funds to buy a home.


Hiring an Alabama Divorce Lawyer to Protect Your Interests During a Divorce


It isn’t uncommon for one party involved in a divorce to want to make things extremely difficult and stressful for the other. If you’re looking to file for divorce in Alabama and believe your spouse is going to try and withhold assets that belong to you or fight for full custody of your children, you’d better be represented by an experienced Alabama divorce lawyer who can protect your interests. Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. offers legal services to those seeking a divorce in Alabama and is ready to provide you with the legal advice and guidance you are going to need to get through it.


Disclaimer: No representation is made that quality of legal services provided is greater than the quality of legal services provided by other attorneys.


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