On September 5th, a truck hauling a tanker trailer full of hot tar engaged in a single vehicle accident in Thompson, ND that led to one man’s death. According to Inforum, 21-year-old Bradley Jackson had been driving a 2011 Peterbilt truck east on Grand Forks County Road 7 when he unexpectedly swerved to the right. As a result of the sudden movement, the truck flipped onto its side and the hot tar began pouring out into a ditch and in the roadway. Nearly 6,000 gallons of tar spilled out.
Unfortunately, the tar began flowing into the cab where Jackson was and the news outlet stated that he suffered third-degree burns on 95% of his body. Medics transported the trucker to Altru Hospital but he was later airlifted to Minneapolis for treatment at the Hennepin County Burn Center. Sadly, Jackson succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Sunday, September 9th.

Grand Forks Sheriff’s Deputy Nearly Hit by Erratic Truck Driver Who Slammed into the Back of His Cruiser

WDAY recently released jaw-dropping footage obtained from the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office showing a pickup truck plowing into the back of a deputy’s cruiser, nearly hitting the officer who had been standing only a few feet away. According to the news source, the officer had been conducting a routine traffic stop in Grand Forks, ND near Holiday Station on South Washington after witnessing a driver who had been traveling in the wrong direction. The deputy was standing on the driver’s side of the vehicle when a pickup truck came crashing into the back of his cruiser and into the vehicle the officer had pulled over.
The deputy immediately made his way to the other side of the roadway and began walking toward the vehicle that had been hit. Thankfully, the officer and the driver of the vehicle he had pulled over didn’t suffer any injuries. However, the news outlet reported that the driver, who was identified as an 81-year-old male, did suffer minor injuries. And apparently, he had just been released from the hospital moments before this crash occurred.
WDAY stated that prior to this incident, the pickup truck driver had been pulled over by Grand Forks Police Department for driving erratically. He also allegedly went inside a FedEx building “thinking it was a hospital.” After those two incidences, he ended up checking into the hospital where medical professionals could assess his condition but he was eventually released. Police believe the man may have experienced another medical episode which may have contributed to causing the crash involving the cruiser.
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