Whenever a motorist approaches a construction zone, they are always urged to drive with caution as there are usually detours and other factors that make driving through them more difficult. In most cases, whenever construction work is being performed on the roadway nearby to where vehicles are traveling, the speed limit is usually reduced to help prevent an accident. Unfortunately, not all motorists adjust their driving when they travel through construction zones which places many lives at risk.

In fact, last November, one truck driver was accused of failing to reduce his speed in a construction zone and wound up colliding into seven vehicles. The Joplin Globe highlighted that Mohamed Yussuf Jama had been operating a semitrailer truck heading south on Interstate 55 in Illinois when he crashed into the vehicles. Jama was said to have been traveling at highway speeds while driving through the construction zone which led to the collision being a fatal one. Four individuals lost their lives that day who the source identified as Vivian Vu, 19, Madison Bertels, 17 and her sister Hailey Bertels, 20, and Tom Carroll, 20. Twelve others suffered injuries.

After an investigation was conducted and it was determined that Jama had been traveling at unsafe speeds through construction zone, he was later charged in “April with four counts of reckless homicide, one for each of the deaths, as well as eight counts of aggravated reckless driving for having caused great bodily harm to those who were injured.” After months had passed and the injured parties began working toward recovering, two of the victims, Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) students Lexa Curtis and Brianna Allen, decided to file suit against the truck driver, his employer, and the construction firm that was responsible for managing the construction zone.

Thankfully, the two retained an IL personal injury lawyer to represent them as Jama and his employer had also violated other laws at the time of the collision which only helped to make the victims’ case stronger. Below are some of the allegations that were listed in the lawsuit:

  • Jama and his employer allegedly “violated federal regulations by allowing the driver to operate his truck for longer hours than mandated.”
  • Jama was said to have operated his vehicle “negligently and carelessly” as he “failed to keep a proper lookout for highway warnings and obstructions.”
  • Aside from Jama traveling at “unsafe, excessive, and dangerous speeds,” he was also accused of “driving the truck without proper training and experience.”
  • The construction company was accused of failing “to install proper electronic traffic monitoring and warning devices in the construction zone and failed to reopen closed highway lanes during hours when work wasn’t being performed.

The news outlet also stated that Curtis and Allen are seeking more than $50,000 in damages after the truck collision left them suffering from “severe and permanent injuries” and are “hindered and prevented from attending to (their) usual duties and affairs of life.” The lawsuit also claims that they “suffered great pain and anguish, both in mind and body, and continue to suffer.”

As tragic as this accident is, the fact is, thousands of lives are affected by truck crashes each year that leave victims suffering physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, not all choose to come forward and take legal action like these two victims have which can lead to a person having to pay for the medical treatment they need out of their own pocket or forgo receiving it all together.

Therefore, if you or someone you know was recently involved in a truck accident in or nearby to Chicago, IL which has led to you suffering physically and financially, you are encouraged to contact Chicago, IL truck accident attorney Yao Dinizulu. Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. has all the skills and knowledge it takes to represent truck crash victims and our firm will stop at nothing until a favorable outcome is reached for you and your loved ones.


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