Truck Drivers Face the Highest Rate of Injury and Illness Above all Occupations

BOISE and NAMPA, Idaho. About 1.8 million people worked as truck drivers in 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And, according to the Atlantic, of the 3.5 million truck drivers on the road, one third of these will be involved in a crash over the course of their career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that truck drivers face the highest rates of injury and illness over all other jobs. These figures and statistics have a serious impact on ordinary drivers who share the road with truck drivers. Accidents involving trucks are often more deadly and sometimes result in more injuries because of the loads these trucks carry. If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident in Boise or Nampa, Idaho, a personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you. The Law Office of Johnson & Lundgreen in Boise are truck accident lawyers who work closely with truck accident victims and families to help them get the justice they may deserve.
Truck drivers may be more prone to illness and injury due to the long hours that they work, hours which sometimes interfere with sleep. While the federal government regulates how long drivers can be on the road without rest, these regulations still permit drivers to put in long hours. And, many drivers face pressure from their companies to break the rules and drive longer than they are permitted.
According to the Atlantic, another factor truck drivers may face is emotional distress. Truck drivers are more likely to experience an accident or witness an accident over the course of their lives. Many truck drivers may need assistance for post traumatic stress disorder or other emotional concerns, but they may not have the resources available to seek help. 94 percent of truck drivers are men and men are less likely to seek assistance than women. But even when truckers want to get help, their schedules may make this difficult to do. And, truckers also don’t have the same regular access to family and friends that offer crucial emotional support during difficult times.
The reality is that truckers’ schedules may also make it difficult for them to seek medical care. This means that truckers may be getting behind the wheel with potentially serious conditions. While truckers are required to pass medical exams, medical issues can arise that could endanger other drivers.
The sheer demands of the job can also create health concerns. Driving for long periods of time without sleep can put immense wear and tear on the body and mind. Another issue is that in many states, there simply are not enough rest areas for truckers. Truck drivers may speed to get to the next rest area in time, to meet federal law requirements. In some cases, if the rest stop is full, they may just push on. The result can be deadly for everyone involved.
The reality is that every year, many people are injured or killed in truck accidents. If you or a loved one has been hurt, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical care. Visit johnsonandlundgreen.com to learn more and to protect your rights.

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