Every industry has its lists of safety concerns as there is something in every field that makes working in it dangerous. The trucking industry happens to be one of the more dangerous jobs out there as the roadway presents many hazards that could lead to a driver engaging in a serious or even fatal accident. And while we know that it isn’t exactly an easy job to be a truck driver, drivers of passenger vehicles aren’t aware of the behavior they display that makes a trucker’s job even more difficult and dangerous.
Perhaps if drivers were made aware of their behavior that makes a truck driver’s job unsafe, they would be more cognizant of how they drive, especially when they are sharing the road with a large truck. Well, the good news is Fleet Owner spoke with a few truck drivers from around the U.S. and many shared some of their top safety concerns. So, if you are interested in what their responses were, read on and perhaps you can begin making a few adjustments to how you drive which could help make the roadway a safer place for everyone.

  1. The most cited concern truckers identified was that passenger cars were “cutting off trucks or pulling maneuvers that cut it too close, leaving the truck too little stopping distance.”Many truckers who voiced their concerns emphasized how important it is for cars to leave ample space between a truck and the vehicle in front of them. One man said that he drives a tanker truck and finds it much harder to stop when a car jumps in front of him. A female truck driver said that she wishes “the average driver and trucker alike knew that when a truck driver opens up their following distance, that doesn’t mean you should jump in between the two vehicles.” She said that she tries to “maintain a safe following distance at all times not only to give myself an ‘out’ but to have time to react to a given situation ahead.”

So, one thing drivers can start doing is avoid using that gap in between a truck and the vehicle in front of them as an opportunity to get over into that lane. Truckers leave that amount of space open for a reason and we wouldn’t want to compromise their safety by disregarding that.

  1. Another concern was that “proper turn signal use is diminishing.” Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when a driver unexpectedly pulls in front of them without signaling, yet many tend to engage in this behavior themselves. But, the truth is, when a driver pulls in front of a large truck and fails to signal, that truck may not have enough time to stop if it is necessary to do so.


  1. Many truck drivers said that they are “seeing too much speeding.”Motorists who travel well beyond the legal speed limit reduce their chances of being able to stop when traffic begins to slow.

One trucker even recommended that “When driving on the highway in a car or pickup, slow down or change lanes away from a disabled big truck. If you see a big truck on side of the highway, they will have their reflectors out to warn you they are broken down. Save a life! Slow down if you can’t change lanes.”
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Aside from being considerate, it is important that drivers refrain from engaging in any type of behavior that could cause a truck collision to occur. These accidents tend to be some of the worst as the trucks themselves are heavy and most are hauling large loads. Therefore, if you want to contribute to helping reduce the number of truck collisions that transpire on our roadways today, you can start by taking into account the safety concerns mentioned above along with the others that can be found on Fleet Owner’s website.
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