Trump Administration Continues with Efforts to Bar Immigrants Looking for Work from Entering the U.S.

If you know someone who is currently living outside of the U.S. who is looking to enter the country for work-related purposes, they may have a difficult time doing so with the Trump administration’s latest move to bar entry to immigrants seeking work in the U.S. According to CNN, “the Trump administration [has introduced] a series of new restrictions on visas that allow immigrants to temporarily work in the United States.” These restrictions come months after President Trump signed an immigration proclamation “targeting people outside of the U.S. seeking to legally migrate to the U.S., with some exceptions.”

In addition to that order that was issued in April, which has now been extended until the end of 2020, “the President is expanding that measure in light of the frankly, the expanding unemployment, and the number of Americans who are out of work,” according to a senior administration official. The visas that are affected by the new restrictions include:

  • L-1 visas for intracompany transfers
  • H-1Bs for workers in specialty occupations
  • H-4 visas for spouses
  • H-2Bs for temporary non-agricultural workers
  • Most J-1 visas for exchange visitors


CNN says the latest proclamation only applies to individuals outside of the U.S. Those who are considered to be lawful permanent residents, spouses or children of U.S. citizens, or individuals working in the food supply chain or considered to be “in the national interest” are not affected by these new restrictions that took effect on June 24th. CNN also reported that the Department of Homeland Security released a regulation that would “bar most asylum seekers from obtaining work permits — adding yet another hurdle for those seeking refuge in the United States.”

That rule isn’t expected to take effect until later this summer, according to CNN.

The new restrictions that are being imposed come after millions of Americans were left without a job after the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered businesses in every state in the U.S. While many believe the Trump administration’s latest move will help reduce the “flow of immigrants coming into the U.S.” which will then open up the workforce to Americans in need of a job, others are criticizing the restrictions by saying “why would he want to cut off critical workforce that will help the economy recover?”


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