Donald Trump signed a bill at the advent of 2020 which changed Federal law regarding purchasing and smoking cigarettes. Before the signing of this Bill, individuals had to be at least 19 years of age if they wanted to purchase and smoke cigarettes. However, now individuals must be at least 21 years of age. This increase of 3 years will hopefully make a significant impact on the number of cigarettes being sold and smoked in Florida.

This novel age minimum has come into effect as soon as it was signed and now if store owners are found selling cigarettes to minors, they can face serious penalties such as having to pay fines of anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the severity of their crime. The younger the individual is, and the greater the number of cigarettes they were selling, the higher the fine they will be forced to pay.

The war against cigarette induced air pollution

Florida has been fighting against the negative effects of smoking and secondhand smoking for many years now. In 1985 the FCIAA (Florida Clean Indoor Air Act) was enacted to protect individuals from the very serious negative health issues which can arise from secondhand smoke. This amendment prevented individuals from smoking in most public places, however, it was not enough considering the rising numbers of those being harmed by secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoking is a serious problem and leads to long term health problems for those who are forced to endure it. Out of the thousands of chemicals found in cigarette smoke, there are 70 which are known to cause cancer. Someone who is exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke can end up getting very ill, and even ending up with cancer.  People who have weak immune systems, health problems, and small children are especially at risk of facing health problems due to secondhand smoking. Many unnecessary illnesses and even deaths can be prevented by reducing the amount of smoking allowed in public places, and now, but reducing the age-range of those allowed to purchase cigarettes.

Those exposed to secondhand smoke can have their entire lives altered for the worst when they are entirely helpless against inhaling it. Smokers should be respectful of other’s health and should understand that their actions are not only harming themselves but also greatly putting those around them at serious risk of developing severe health problems.

Anyone who notices a violation of the FCIAA or a violation of the new age limitation to smoking can contact the FCIAA directly at [email protected] and provide the name and address of the workplace, the exact violation that occurred, and a contact number for the owner of the property in which the violation took place. In order to keep Florida safe and to keep the environment as free from toxins as possible, it is necessary that everyone works together to ensure the law is being followed appropriately.




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