Twitter gets sued for not paying bills for merchandise orders

Nashville, TN – Businesses have deals that do not unfold as expected all the time. However, it is surprising when a very large international company fails to meet basic financial obligations to a much smaller business. 

According to Yahoo News, a breach of contract lawsuit was filed against social media company Twitter for expensive gifts that were given to new owner Elon Musk and other orders in recent months, but never paid for [1].

Twitter is sued for unpaid gifts and clothing orders

The plaintiff claims that they are owed just under $7,000 for an elaborate gift box that was given to Musk. Among the gifts in the box included a bottle of whiskey priced at over $600. The company alleged that Twitter stopped paying all of their outstanding bills back in September of 2022, even though there was a long standing relationship between the two parties that included various marketing partnerships over the years. The company further argues that the total amount that Twitter now owes them for various unpaid invoices is nearly $400,000, including many large orders of custom clothing. A copy of the orders placed by a Twitter procurement manager were included in the lawsuit filings. The Wall Street Journal attempted to get a comment on the case from either Twitter or Canary Marketing who produced and sent the items. 

This case is one of many in the ongoing series of problems that Twitter has had since Musk announced he planned to buy the social media platform about a year earlier. The company has been involved in several controversies, and Musk himself admitted that it will be difficult to make the company profitable and keep it running. Twitter has also had to lay off many workers in recent months in an effort to save money.

Unpaid bills in business law

As a general rule of business and contract law, a person or business needs to pay for any orders that they make and are received as expected. If one party fails to uphold their end of the bargain, they can be sued for any costs that are reasonably related to their breach such as the costs of the item or lost profits due to their failure to perform. 

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