Earlier today, The Dallas Morning News reported that two Dallas police officers began pursuing a gray Ford sedan they believed to be stolen. As the chase ensued, the suspects inside the sedan who were said to have been minors, made it to Marsh Lane and Townsend Drive, however, that is where the chase ended. The driver of the sedan wound up crashing the stolen vehicle into a black pickup truck that was heading north.
Because the officers had been traveling directly behind the sedan they found themselves having to swerve out of the way to avoid the crash. Unfortunately, the patrol vehicle ended up getting involved in a collision of its own with a white pickup truck. Mary Mock, who happened to be a witness to the incident as it occurred right in front of her home, told the news outlet that “At first the cop wasn’t moving, and I called 911. But then he got out and sprang into action.” She then went back inside her home as she wasn’t sure if the drivers had any weapons.
The two officers in the squad car ended up sustaining injuries along with the two suspects who had occupied the stolen Ford. Two individuals from the black pickup and one from the white pickup also suffered injuries and all had to be transported to an area hospital. None of the injuries were said to have been life-threatening. While everyone was fortunate enough to walk away from this fiery accident without sustaining any significant injuries, many witnesses who saw it or were there for the aftermath of it couldn’t believe someone hadn’t been killed.

FedEx Truck Rear-Ends Car on I-35W Which Results in a Fatal Collison

In other news, CBS Local recently reported that a FedEx truck was involved in a wreck with another driver resulting in that motorist’s death. The news source highlighted that just before the accident occurred, traffic heading north on I-35W in Fort Worth was being directed to merge into one lane due to construction. It was during this time that the FedEx truck hit the vehicle that had been in front of it which then “caused a chain reaction involving several other cars.”
The woman inside the first vehicle that was hit died as a result of the accident and investigators are now looking into what caused the driver of the FedEx truck to collide into her car. A spokesperson for the company also released a statement saying, “First and foremost we extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the individual involved in this incident. We are cooperating fully with investigating authorities at this time.”
Officials have not yet released the identity of the deceased woman.
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