Last week, not one but two lawn mower accidents occurred in Kentucky, both of which resulted in a person’s death. The first incident occurred on August 7thin Lexington at a UPS Freight location. According to Lexington Herald-Leader , 50-year-old Michael Vance was operating a commercial lawnmower when it flipped and landed on top of him. Vance’s coworkers were able to remove the zero-turn mower before first responders arrived at the scene. The Fayette County Coroner said that after the tragic accident, Vance was transported to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital after suffering multiple traumatic injuries.
Sadly, Vance died as a result of the injuries he sustained. The source highlighted that Ware Funeral Home in Cynthiana was handling the funeral arrangements.
A few days after this lawnmower accident occurred, another was reported in Lowmansville. WSAZ stated that the incident occurred on Friday afternoon on Lost Creek Road just off Kentucky 581. Although officials have not yet released much information pertaining to the accident, they did report that the individual who was riding the lawnmower went over a hill and into a creek, resulting in the victim becoming trapped. The name or age of the victim has not yet been released and it is not yet known why the victim could not free themselves from the mower.
While we are all aware of the dangers associated with riding a lawnmower, many often don’t realize just how risky it is to ride or push one. And while children are generally more likely to sustain an injury in an accident involving a lawnmower, it is becoming increasingly common for adults as well. So, in an effort to help prevent further accidents from occurring, below we share a few safety tips for and your family to take into consideration if you are someone who uses a lawnmower or if your children play outside around neighbors who use one.

Lawnmower Safety Tips for the Family


  • Never allow children who are under age 12 to operate a push mower and avoid letting kids under 16 to drive a riding mower.
  • When your teen reaches an age where they are old enough to operate a mower, be sure you teach them safety steps such as wearing goggles and sturdy shoes.
  • You should never allow a child to ride on a mower as a passenger.
  • Children should stay of the lawn while you are mowing as there a chance that it could pick up objects, such as stones and toys, and project them at a high rate of speed.
  • Remember to scan the lawn prior to mowing so that you can pick any objects that could get caught in the mower and thrown up.
  • Never pull a mower backward or ride it in reverse unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do need to mow backward, be sure you check for children and other individuals who might be behind you first.

[Source: USA Today].
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