Two Phoenix drivers were trapped in their cars after they drove straight into each other

Some accidents can change a victim’s life forever due to permanent injuries or other long term health issues.

The Phoenix Fire Department was in the process of investigating a severe accident.

Emergency workers find two trapped drivers after devastating crash

Fire crews responded to the scene near the intersections of 35th Ave and Roeser Road. One victim had to be forcefully removed from inside of a car. and they were treated for injuries at the scene. This person also had to be transported to a local trauma center for further evaluation. Another person involved in the accident was trapped underneath their car’s dashboard and needed to be rescued as well. At the time of the report, the second victim was still being examined for injuries. 

Police believe that the two cars had been involved in a head on collision based on their initial investigation. They planned to conduct a full investigation to gather more information. They also advised drivers to avoid the area as traffic was totally stopped in one direction on Roeser Road.  

Images from the scene showed two sedan sized cars with extensive front end damage being loaded onto a tow truck. 

The possibility of permanent injuries after a severe accident

There are thousands of people in the United States who are affected by the damage associated with a motor vehicle accident each year. 

A situation where two cars drive directly into each other is serious because the high impact often leaves little chance for survival. Many people involved in these kinds of accidents will experience permanent, life changing injuries or even death. Victims may no longer be able to work normally and require permanent medical care. Unfortunately, some of these people can no longer function regularly due to their injuries. 

How lawyers prepare for a case and get compensation for their clients

After a serious accident, it is important to get advice from a personal injury lawyer in your area. They can provide a plan for a lawsuit which will compensate victims for long term treatment and other problems caused by the accident, such as loss of a person’s wages or career prospects. The purpose of a civil lawsuit is to put a victim in the financial situation that they would have occupied if the incident had never happened. This means that compensation is often determined by the severity of injuries and the quality of life that the person enjoyed before the accident. It is advisable to speak with a licensed attorney before trying to attempt to estimate the value of a lawsuit. 

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