When Sara L. Roberts was hired to work for Brinkerhoff Inspection Inc., which is a Midland oilfield services company, in September 2015, she didn’t expect that she would be fired just days later. Unfortunately, she was, but because she felt she had been the victim of discrimination as well as sexual harassment, she wasn’t willing to just walk away from the company empty-handed. Roberts decided to file suit against Brinkerhoff alleging that she was let go days after disclosing she was pregnant and a newlywed.
Roberts had been hired by personnel manager Keith Demby who apparently told Roberts during an interview that “a little birdie” had mentioned to him that she was pregnant. Dallas News reported that he later told her that he was surprised that she had continued the pregnancy. Shortly after Roberts was brought on board with the company, Demby told her during orientation “that she was attractive and that they would date.” Naturally, as a newlywed and a woman who was pregnant, Roberts refused Demby’s advances and “made it known she was married.”
After disclosing that information, Demby and an office manager explained to Roberts that the company was not financially able to bring on another salesperson. He also expressed that “the decision was not performance-related.” Clearly, Demby crossed the line which is why a verdict was reached in Roberts’ favor. The employment law attorney that had represented her stated that “Businesses across the energy sector should take note of this verdict and carefully review their practices.” At the time when Roberts was working for the company, it was partially owned by former San Diego Chargers linebacker Bront Bird.
And after her case was heard and it was determined that Roberts had been mistreated and wrongfully terminated, she awarded $167,000 and Brinkerhoff was charged $841,625 in punitive damages. In total, she was awarded a little over $1 million.
Going up against a big corporation or even a smaller company can be daunting, but when you aren’t treated fairly and your employer has broken one or more labor laws, you can’t be afraid to defend your rights and take a stand against the mistreatment. That is what Roberts did and why she was able to win her case.
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