What would you do if someone provided you with a way to make additional money on the side that not only would compromise your job but also your freedom? What would you do? Would you accept the risk or decline? For some, opportunity only comes but once in a while, some that are good and some opportunities that are bad. But in other instances, those who are presented with opportunity sometimes allow the success to outweigh the risk and overpower their moral values.
While it is difficult to understand why people do certain things that lead to criminal penalties and/or a life full of misery, they do and are forced to face the consequences for doing so. A former U.S. Postal Service worker in Boca Raton, Florida was caught engaging in an act that could have facing 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
The U.S. Postal Service worker accepted a bribe where she would deliver a package containing drugs for $50 a package.

What act was the U.S. Postal Service worker engaging in?

According to local10.com, Evelyn Ramona Price, 53, met a man name “Steve” back in 2016 and in their discussion, she somehow “agreed to provide him with addresses on her route where packages could be sent.” They would meet up where the package exchange would occur and she would receive $50.00 per package.
Authorities must have caught wind of the crime being committed and seized four packages that contained more than 20 pounds of marijuana. While the packages were postmarked in California, they had return addresses in Florida and New York. Obviously, someone decided to take advantage of the type of work a postal employee does and managed to convince this woman to deliver packages containing drugs.
As you know, it is illegal for a postal worker to tamper with mail or mishandle packages during their course of duty. It is also illegal for any other citizen to open or take mail not belonging to them nor can they interfere with the U.S. mail system. It is also against the law to possess and/or send drugs whether it is being delivered by an individual or through the U.S. mail.
Price is expected to be back in court for sentencing in September and hopefully she enlists the help of a nearby criminal defense attorney in Florida to help support her with her case.

Why the U.S. Postal Service Worker Should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Florida

While some states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, it is still illegal to use the U.S. mail system to send and receive packages containing the drug.
Although Price committed a crime, she has the right to share her side of the story. That is where having a local Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney can help. With a legal representative working on her side, she has the potential to get her penalties reduced.
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