Idaho is prone to truck accidents as much as any other state and there are many rules and regulations put in place for truck drivers and trucking companies to try and reduce the risk of an accident occurring by as much as possible. Truck drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road rigorously as well as ensure their vehicle is always properly maintained.

Trucking companies are expected to screen their employees thoroughly before hiring them by making sure they carry all the correct commercial driving licenses for the state and that they are in good physical health to be driving for long hours. Trucking companies are also expected to enforce safety regulations on their drivers to try and prevent collisions from occurring.

Despite taking these precautions, truck accidents often still occur because of how unpredictable the road can be.

Apart from being unaware on the road, other common causes of truck accidents include:

  • A truck carrying too much weight
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Untrained drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Poorly maintained trucks
  • Inadequate safety systems in the truck

When any of the above occurs, it is easy for a truck to lose control and crash into property or into other vehicles that are driving around it. Truck drivers and companies have a serious responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone around them and if they take that lightly, they can be penalized for their actions on a legal level.

Truck accidents cause a lot of damage because of how large trucks are and because of how much they weigh. The smaller vehicles that collide with a truck often face complete damage and their drivers and passengers are often severely injured. Anyone who gets into a truck accident should call a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to begin the claim process so they can get compensated for their losses.

Examples of truck driver negligence in Nampa, Idaho

Truck drivers can behave negligently by breaking any traffic rules in Nampa, Idaho such as going over the speed limit or failing to signal before turning. They can also be guilty of negligence if they operate their vehicle while they are drowsy or while on medications.

Unfortunately, it is common for trucking companies to push their drivers to make deliveries even when they are not physically fit to do it and this often has catastrophic results for all those who share the road with them.

Individuals who are victims of a truck accident should connect with a truck accident attorney at Johnson and Lundgreen as soon as possible to begin the investigation of determining liability so proper compensation can be granted.

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