It’s difficult to describe what we feel inside after losing someone we love. Many feelings and emotions are coursing through our bodies and we tend to not know which ones to act on. Sometimes, feelings of sadness creep up while other times, we may experience anger outbursts and don’t know why. The reality is, losing a relative, whether it was a parent, sibling, or grandparent isn’t easy and will likely take time to recover from.
This recovery period many individuals often go through after experiencing a death in the family is called the grieving process. Everyone goes through it at different stages after the death occurred and everyone grieves in their own way. That means it’s best not to compare how you react to the loss to how someone else does as your relationship and connection with the person that has passed was different. While we did mention that everyone grieves in their own way,  says there are certain phases of this process you might go through, if not all of them, and we want to share with you what these are below.

  1. Denial. Many people often find themselves saying “This can’t be happening” after learning that someone they love so dearly has passed away. This is the denial phase and you may find yourself going through it for a significant period of time. The truth is, having to transition from being able to pick up the phone and call someone to no longer being able to hear their voice is a hard concept to grasp so don’t feel bad if you find yourself constantly denying your loved one’s death.


  1. Anger. Anger is yet another phase of the grieving process you may go through and you may be looking for someone to blame your loved one’s death on. Perhaps you might feel their physician failed to identify their illness which could have been treated or a driver who was texting on their phone caused the fatal car accident that took your family member’s life. Trying to understand what happened and why is something many others go through so just know you aren’t alone.


  1. Bargaining. In a time of despair, we often ask that this one incident be removed from our lives in exchange for something on our part. Unfortunately, things cannot be reversed but it is normal to go through the bargaining phase where you are simply asking the universe to take back what happened.


  1. Depression. If you find yourself saying, “I can’t bear this; I’m too sad to do anything,” you may have hit the depression phase. Accepting someone’s death is hard enough, but moving on from it and trying to live life without them is even tougher. If you experience feelings of depression, while it is a common phase to go through, you may want to consider consulting with a professional or turning to your friends and family for support.


  1. Acceptance. The final stage of the grieving process is acceptance. As much you may not want to, there will come a point where you realize what has happened and the fact that you cannot change it.

It is important to understand the phases associated with the grieving process so that you have a better understanding as to why you are feeling the way you do.
Something you should keep in mind in regards to the grieving process is that each phase will vary in length meaning you might spend a significant period of time in the denial phase and only a small amount of time feeling angry. However, no matter what phases you find yourself going through, remember, everyone who finds themselves dealing with a death goes through the grieving process in some way shape or form.
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