Last Wednesday there was yet another tragic shooting in America at the Molson Coors Campus. Police officers are unable to gather the reason for the shooting and the motive of the shooter, but the investigation is still well underway. It is suspected that the shooter was a 51- year-old man who killed himself at the site of the crime after shooting five of his co-workers.

Though gun violence is rampant in the United States, the reason this particular case is drawing so much attention is because of the city it occurred in. The shooting took place in Milwaukee which is also the largest city in the election swing state of Wisconsin. This means that many debates and political campaigns will probably arise again questioning gun control and gun violence. Just like in the previous election, it seems like gun violence is going to be a major concern for most people and, in the case of recent events, may play a key role in determining the winner of the election.

Democrats are using gun control as an issue through which they can question Donald Trump and turn voters away from him in the upcoming elections. Donald Trump is highly opposed to the idea of tight gun regulations and recent events may be used to turn the tables on him. Of course, elections are always highly unpredictable but the fact that such violent and senseless acts are still being committed because of the lack of regulation over who can own a gun may pull voters away from Trump and his allies.

In response to the killer at Milwaukee, Donald Trump did state that he believes gun violence to be a terrible thing and that the man who committed the acts was, indeed, a wicked murderer in his eyes, he did not elaborate further on his stance in gun regulation.

How common are shootings in the United States?

Mass shootings are far more common than they should be in America. 2019 alone saw 417 mass shootings across the United States. Unfortunately, this is the highest number of shootings to ever occur in American history and there is fear that the number will only continue to rise as the year’s pass, especially if no precautions are taken to control gun violence.

If there are stricter rules put out controlling who is allowed to purchase a gun and under what context it can be used, there could be a significant decrease in the number of mass shooting-and regular shootings- that happens regularly. Of course, every citizen has the right to protect themselves and own a weapon, but stricter regulations can ensure that deadly weapons do not fall into the wrong hands for the wrong reasons.

The Trump administration does not seem interested in changing the laws regarding gun control any time soon. However, there is hope that in the coming elections the tables may turn on who makes the laws, to begin with.

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