US announces liberalization of the visa process for Indian citizens

Atlanta, GA – Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the waiting times for a US visa in India have become appalling. The situation is so bad that Indian foreign minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar raised the issue during a recent meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. At the time, Blinken promised to take steps to solve the problem and now things are happening. The US announced this month a relaxation of the visa process for Indian citizens wishing to come to the US as tourists, on business, or as skilled workers. If you’re an Indian professional hoping to get a job in Georgia or a local company looking to hire skilled Indian workers, you should take advantage of this and contact an experienced immigration lawyer in Atlanta.

What is an interview waiver and who can benefit?

The US has announced the expansion of the interview waiver program for Indian citizens seeking US visas. Applicants who qualify can use the dropbox facility without attending an in-person interview.

The interview with a US consulate officer is generally a mandatory step in the visa process. However, in the past two years during which activity at US consulates around the world has been hindered by pandemic restrictions, the backlog of applications has increased dramatically. 

According to the US State Department website, at present, the waiting period for B1 (business) and B2 (tourist) visa applicants requiring an interview is 999 days in Mumbai, 961 days in New Delhi, and 994 days in Hyderabad.

The astronomical waiting times create huge problems not only for those wishing to visit the US but also for US companies looking to hire skilled Indian workers.

The interview-waiver program was extended to include:

  • student visas
  • business visas
  • tourist visas
  • skilled workers visas

If a person has already obtained a visa in a certain category, they now become eligible for an interview waiver and can use the dropbox facility. Also, the in-person interview waiver will include even people whose B1 and B2 tourist and business visas (B1 and B2) have expired in the last four years.

This move is expected to significantly bring down waiting time for US visas in the months to come.

What are the requirements for a business visa to the US?

You can apply for a B-1 Temporary Business Visitor visa if the purpose of your visit to the US is to:

  • Consult with business associates
  • Travel for a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention on specific dates
  • Settle an estate
  • Negotiate a contract
  • Participate in short-term training


On the other hand, if you’re a Georgia-based company looking to bring over certain highly-skilled Indian workers, consult with seasoned immigration lawyers. They can help you obtain the required labor certification and manage the applications of your selected future employees.

Indian citizens applying for an H1-B visa must have:

  • Highly specialized theoretical and practical knowledge in a scientific domain
  • A bachelor’s or higher degree in a specific specialty (or its equivalent) is a minimum for entry into the occupation in the United States.

Knowledgeable Georgia immigration lawyers can help you speed up the process by making sure you meet the requirements for an H1-B visa and have all the documents and your forms error-free so the USCIS doesn’t reject or delay your application.

If you’re a Georgia-based business looking to hire Indian workers schedule an appointment with a trustworthy immigration lawyer at Kuck | Baxter Immigration LLC in Atlanta or their South Georgia office and let them help you with the paperwork. 

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