Of the 2 million people injured in car accidents every year, many are due to drunk drivers. If you’re in a drunk driving crash, it can be hard to stay calm and do the right thing.
Here are four things you need to do during and after a drunk driving accident.

1. What To Do On The Scene

If you’re reading this in advance of being a victim of an accident, you need to learn a few stops in case the worst happens.
While it can be infuriating to be put in danger, take a moment to collect yourself and your emotions. Focus on your breathing and even count breaths if necessary. If you’re able to move around and fully conscious, you need to ensure that others are safe and to assess the potential dangers.
If anyone has sustained an injury, even if it’s the other driver, you need to call 911 immediately.
Further problems could arise at the scene of the crash, so make sure all engines are off. A running car with a gas leak could easily spark a fire.
Keep everyone on the scene. If someone is trying to drive away, take down their license plate. Otherwise, pull over to the side of the road where you can calm down.

2. Make No Statements

Whether you’re still on the scene or if you’ve driven off, you need to stop yourself from making any statements of apology or any admission of fault. These could be used against you in the future
Interactions with the drunk driver, on the scene or after, should be limited. Don’t apologize, say anything was your fault, or admit guilt.
Any reasonable person would want to be sympathetic to a hurt person but unfortunately, even after, you’re in a position where all statements are on record.

3. Seek Medical Treatment

Not only should you seek medical treatment, but you should be discerning as to who you get treatment from. Unless you’re positive you haven’t sustained any injury, you should seek treatment immediately.
Trained medical professionals might discover issues that you didn’t realize you were dealing with. Even if you’re feeling okay, a trip to the emergency room isn’t a bad idea.
Fractures and tears in bone or muscle might not be apparent in the moments or even days following an incident. Adrenaline will keep you from feeling pain. However, a doctor can find things that you can’t.
Keep records of your treatment in case you need to have your bills covered later. If you wait, attorneys could try to claim that your crash related injury already existed.

4. Take Lots of Photos

While it might be hard to remember in the moment, you need to take lots of photos following an accident. You need photos of your vehicle, the location of the incident, and any injuries you incurred. Unfortunately, attorneys for the other driver might try to argue that you’re not being truthful, so photos can leave no doubt.

A Drunk Driving Crash Is Serious Business

While you might worry about the other drivers or passengers more than yourself, you need to protect yourself after a drunk driving crash. Following our tips will ensure that you stay protected and do the right thing during and after a crash.
If you’re experiencing back issues after a crash, follow our guide to see whether or not you should seek out a chiropractor.

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