Pennsylvania – March 14, 2021

Commercial trucking roadway violations can cause wrongful death claims, lasting brain injury, spinal injury complications, limb amputations, catastrophic emotional loss, and expensive property damage that complicate the lives of truck accident victims.  Individuals who have experienced devastation from an accident involving a truck may need the help of a skilled legal professional to navigate insurance claims, settlement offers, and legal action for damages caused by possible negligence.  Pennsylvania ranks high on the list of states with the highest number of truck accidents and damage recovery will be based upon multiple factors supported by federal and state laws.

Trucking industry.

Sometimes accidents are caused because of the commercial trucking company’s desire to have deliveries on short deadline, leading to driver violations of safety laws, hours of service, and cargo overload.  Even though there are state and federal regulations that require tractor-trailer trucks to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, a trucking company that requires strict deadlines may not be pulling their trucks off the line for scheduled maintenance, further endangering the drivers and other roadway traffic.  The most common violations of Pennsylvania trucking laws include deviations of service hours causing driver fatigue, distracted drivers who are not fully engaged with their surroundings, improper maintenance caused by oversight, or tight delivery scheduling along with cargo load problems and extreme weather driving conditions.  A truck accident attorney is aware of these common violations and laws that support claims for damages against them.

Pennsylvania trucking insurance.

The state of Pennsylvania requires a tractor trailer truck to carry a much higher minimum liability insurance policy than a typical automobile. The amount depends on the type off freight being hauled and where it is being delivered.  If a commercial truck driver never crosses state lines, they must get a PA PUC # and have a minimum amount of insurance including general freight at $750,000, oil transport at $1,000,000, Hazmat at $5,000.000, Liability at $300,000 and Cargo Insurance at $5,000 per vehicle. Commercial trucking insurance is important coverage for owner-operators, or small businesses providing trucking services.  Insurance options are different depending on drivers’ records, types of cargo carried, years of experience, and other related risk factors specific to the carrier, or employer.

Shared fault.

Pennsylvania utilizes the 51% rule, and accident victims who are up to 50% responsible for an accident can still collect damages in a Pennsylvania personal injury claim, but if they are more than 50% responsible for an accident, compensation will not be allowed.  Personal injury attorneys can explain how coverage amounts and fault distribution impact damage compensation.

Seek legal counsel.

The laws and regulations related to the trucking industry can be difficult to understand, but the experienced legal professionals of Scanlon & Wojton Attorneys at Law can assist truck accident victims with potential damage claims to cover related injury and property damage.

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