Was Aaron Hernandez Acquitted of a Double Murder?

An acquittal of criminal charges means a defendant is formally relieved of being charged for an offense they were accused of. In most cases, it requires an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to get a potential criminal acquitted.

In most criminal cases, being acquitted of charges would be a time to bask in the win, allowing a person to move forward with the remainder of their life, but not Aaron Hernandez. If you aren’t a sports fan or don’t keep up with trending news, Aaron Hernandez was looking at life in prison for murder charges, and the penalties didn’t stop there. Hernandez, who was a former NFL star who played on the New England Patriots team, and had numerous murder charges pinned against him.

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Aaron is no new face to the criminal spotlight as he has been fighting against the alleged charges for years now. To help you better understand what Aaron was up against and how his charges led to an acquittal to double murder charges, below is a timeline of the crimes and charges Aaron Hernandez was facing:

  • 2012- Hernandez and his friend/drug dealer, Alexander Bradley, were driving in Hernandez’s Toyota 4Runner when Bradley claims Hernandez reached across him and fired five shots in a BMW. Bradley is now behind bars serving a sentence for a crime he committed unrelated to this incident, but was given immunity by the Commonwealth at the time of the shooting as he was a “star witness” to Hernandez committing this crime.
  • According to the witness statements, Hernandez had a minor altercation with one of the men he allegedly shot in a club prior to the incident, and Bradley displayed his concern for Hernandez and how he was “prone to rages over minor slights.” The case continued on.
  • 2013- Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Odin Lloyd. He was serving a life sentence for the murder. Lloyd was a semi-pro football player who was allegedly dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancée.
  • 2017- Hernandez attended court with his criminal defense attorney and was acquitted for the double murder charge that Bradley attempted to accuse him of committing. Although some of the behavior displayed by Hernandez had many believing he was guilty, the jury ultimately decided he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger on the two men in the BMW back in 2012.

If you are facing any sort of criminal charge, some reasons why you want to consider hiring a defense lawyer include:

  • They can help you beat your case.
  • Get your charges dismissed, or acquitted.
  • Fight for a reduction in your penalties such as fines, fees, and even jail time.
  • Help you build a solid case or defense for your court hearing.

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While you would imagine that Hernandez would be thrilled by the recent verdict of his case, trending on news sites such as CNN and the Boston Globe are now reporting the death of Aaron Hernandez. Apparently, Hernandez hung himself in his jail cell just days after being acquitted in court. It is said he blocked the door to prevent officers from coming in and used his bed sheet to commit suicide.
In the case of Aaron Hernandez, you can see it definitely benefits to have a criminal defense attorney representing you, even though he elected to take his life just days after hearing this news. Whether it was a plotted death or he couldn’t take the guilt for being let off the hook, that is unknown.

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