Ways Business Owners Can Protect Their Company When They Have Employees Working Remotely

Orlando, FL—Many employers in Florida and all across the U.S. have transitioned from having employees work on-site to working remotely, meaning they are allowed to work from a location outside of the office such as their home. While remote working can help a business owner cut down on expenses, it can also lead to them incurring costs if they don’t ensure their company and its information is kept protected while employees are performing their duties away from the office.

In an effort to help business owners reduce the risk associated with having employees work home, below are a few tips they might consider implementing.


  1. Establish a cybersecurity policy.

According to CMS Wire, companies need to be sure their employees understand the importance of data security. The source recommends business owners ensure they have a clear and concise cybersecurity policy in place so that their private information or data is not made available to other parties that could use it for their own personal benefit.

Anytime a business owner is looking to bring a new contract or agreement into the workplace, they should consider having an Orlando, FL business law lawyer help them draft it. This way, employees are likely to understand it and it can be upheld if one or more employees fail to comply with the terms outlined in it.


  1. Check employee devices to ensure they comply with the company’s cybersecurity policy.

In addition to having employees sign a cybersecurity policy, business owners can take it a step further by having those assigned to oversee operations check to be sure all employee devices are protected from hackers and viruses. The Hartford recommends they have an IT professional set up the secure connection from the employee’s home to the company’s network. Business owners can also require that employees who will be working from home use company equipment instead of their own.


  1. Ensure passwords are strong.

Because hackers are learning that more and more companies are relying on online platforms to run and manage their businesses, they are trying to steal any information they can. And losing certain information to a hacker could put a business owner’s entire company in jeopardy. While there are plenty of methods that can be used to protect private and confidential information, one method that is recommended is to have employees use strong and varied passwords.

If a business owner is looking to have their employees work remotely or has recently made the change, they need to be sure their employees understand what is required of them and vice versa. New contracts may need to be written up and policies may need to be revised. If a business owner needs help drafting these documents, they can contact the Orlando, FL business law attorneys at Legal Counsel P.A. for help.


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