West Palm Beach area car accident resulted in one death near a high school

Motor vehicle crashes are one of the most common types of deadly accident in the United States, and the civil law provides a way for families to be compensated if a spouse or other family member is killed. 

Local police were contacted about a fatal accident in Boca Raton, Florida near Spanish River High School

Young man found dead as police respond to an accident scene

The collision happened in the early morning hours at approximately 2:30 am on a Monday morning. Law enforcement and emergency crews responded to the area of the 3900 block of Jog Road, which is very close to Spanish River High. Police also shut down part of Yamato Road and Jog Road north and southbound where rescue crews were working. 

First responders pronounced a 20 year old man who was driving one of the cars dead at the scene, but his identity was not released. There was no known cause of the crash or information about other injuries. Police were in the early part of the investigation when the news report was published, but they planned on examining the event thoroughly. 

Boca Raton is south of West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County.

Wrongful death lawsuits and motor vehicle accidents

When someone dies due to another person’s negligence, they can be made to answer for their actions in civil court through a wrongful death lawsuit. This action is brought separately from any criminal case that the state may choose to bring against the defendant. 

In Florida, a spouse, child, or anyone who was financially dependent on a victim can file a wrongful death case on their behalf to receive compensation. The damages will normally include medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, the person’s lost wages and value of their services, and non-economic damages related to emotional trauma. Wrongful death cases have a short statute of limitations, so it is imperative that the victim’s family begins to get legal help as soon as possible after the incident. 

Proving fault in a motor vehicle crash

In order to ensure that the injured party can maximize their chances of winning a lawsuit, it is important to contact local law enforcement and begin to gather evidence at the scene such as pictures and witness statements. The police will generate a report that contains some important factual information about how the accident happened and an opinion regarding the cause of the accident. This report is vital for a settlement agreement or trial. 

Learn more about lawsuits related to car and truck accidents

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