A worker was injured at a construction site in West Palm Beach, Florida and was transported for medical treatment. 

Serious injury at a highrise construction site

The incident happened at about 1 pm on a Thursday afternoon. The job site was being used to build a luxury high rise apartment building and other structures in the downtown area. The project, called One West Palm, was located at North Quadrille Boulevard. 

A rescue worker from the West Palm Beach Fire Department said that the injured worker was near a wall that was reinforced with steel when it suddenly collapsed on him from the 13th floor. His upper body was struck with debris from the wall. Fire department workers had to load his body onto a stretcher and begin to lower him to the ground floor with a rope. An ambulance rushed him to the trauma center of a local hospital after the accident

Police said that the worker’s injuries do not appear to be life threatening, and he should recover. They also believe that high winds in the area contributed to the wall collapse. and also caused difficulty during the rescue attempt. 

The One West Palm Project began in April of 2019, and it will be the tallest building in the area when completed. The 30 story project will include spaces for luxury apartments, hotels, and offices, along with recreational facilities such as tennis courts. Workers at the site are employed by Kast Construction Company LLC.

Civil injury cases

Personal injury lawsuits are a large part of the civil law. Many of these cases are related to car accidents, but it is also common for people to be hurt while working as this news story shows. After an injury, the victim can be suddenly hit with large costs associated with hospitalization and medical treatment, along with losing their wages if they can no longer work as normal. Getting assistance from an attorney who works in this area of the law is the best way to prevail and receive compensation related to these losses.

How does a lawyer get their client paid? 

An attorney wins the case by proving that the person or business at fault made a mistake that caused the plaintiff’s injuries. This is the standard structure of a negligence lawsuit. The four elements of this claim are a relevant duty of care, a breach of that duty, causation related to the accident, and damages. This means that the attorney basically has to prove that the defendant failed to exercise adequate precautions and harmed the victim. Damages are the amount of money the defendant will owe the injured party. 

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