What amount should an accident victim accept for a settlement in Zachary?

Zachary, LA – Almost all accident lawsuits will end with a settlement agreement. This has become the preferred method to resolve civil cases, as a full trial tends to be more expensive and time consuming, and the plaintiff also risks losing the case entirely. Settlements are made through negotiations between the attorneys for an amount that seems fair to both sides. Accident victims who need specific advice about the potential value of their case and settlement will need to meet with a lawyer and discuss their specific losses. 

The concept of damages

Accident lawsuits are filed as negligence cases. This means that the plaintiff argues the defendant is responsible for breaching the standard duty of care relevant to the situation, which resulted in the plaintiff’s losses. The victim’s damages will include things like medical bills, lost income and wages, and amounts tied to their physical pain and quality of life issues. This summary of damages is listed in the complaint that the plaintiff files in the local courts and serves the defendant to begin the case. The summary of damages is also often used as a starting point for settlement negotiations, because it represents everything that the plaintiff has already lost, along with potential future costs. 

The average settlement value

Most motor vehicle accident cases in the United States are worth in the range of tens of thousands of dollars. However, cases can be worth more or less depending on the victim’s specific losses and other related issues. As a general rule, accidents that are more severe and result in serious injuries will allow a victim to collect much more money than accidents that cause only minor or moderate damage. It is possible that an accident with life changing injuries or fatalities can result in millions of dollars in damages. The skill and experience of the lawyer in negotiating a favorable settlement can also affect the final amount that is awarded to their clients.  

Insurance claims and settlements

Accident victims should be mindful of how the insurance process can affect their settlement as well. The incident should always be reported to the driver’s insurance company shortly after the crash. However, the victim should not accept any settlement amounts from insurance companies before meeting with their attorney. Once a settlement is accepted, it represents the end of all legal matters and payouts related to the case, even if more injuries or damage is discovered at a later time.  

Louisiana injury attorneys

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a trusted accident firm that works with local clients in Zachary and other parts of Louisiana. Anyone who needs assistance can contact the firm to schedule a meeting and learn about the process to receive compensation.  

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