What amount will a truck accident victim in Iowa receive for pain and suffering?

Iowa City, IA – Injuries from truck accidents tend to be more severe than those from other kinds of motor vehicle crashes. The size and weight of commercial vehicles makes them prone to cause large amounts of damage in any incident. There is also special high risk insurance that is necessary for these companies for this reason. When a victim files a lawsuit and asks for a settlement to help pay for their injuries, they can receive various types of compensation. The compensation that is not related to specific medical costs, but a person’s physical pain, mental health issues, and other quality of life problems is called pain and suffering or non-economic damages. This type of compensation can vary widely depending on the specific accident in question, so anyone who needs more info about pain and suffering should get in touch with a lawyer. 

Non-economic damages

Pain and suffering damages give a victim’s attorney room to negotiate during settlements or argue in court for compensation that is related to how their client was affected by the accident. If the person has serious long term or permanent injuries, it is likely that their life will never be the same. This can have a traumatic effect on the person’s mental health and mood every day. When the lawyer explains this problem to the jury or the defendant in the case, they will realize the gravity of dealing with major health issues and the problems they create. The trucking company is responsible for these costs through their insurance or own funds. It is possible that the attorney will ask for an amount that is equal to, or several times greater than economic damages. 

Other types of compensation

Non-economic damages tend to be larger in cases where the other kinds of compensation are substantial amounts as well. Economic damages are proven through the specific information that is found in things like medical bills and wage statements to show the victim’s losses. It is also possible to project future costs if there will be medical treatment needed long term or the person’s career will be affected. 

In some civil cases, there can be punitive damages awarded to punish the defendant. This is only for situations where the defendant engaged in some kind of reckless or malicious behavior. It is possible that economic, non-economic, and punitive damages can all be awarded in certain accident cases. 

Truck crash attorneys in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that helps people with truck accident cases throughout the state of Iowa. People who need assistance filing a lawsuit or with other related issues can contact their attorneys to learn more. 

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