What are common questions that small businesses in Nashville have for lawyers?

Nashville, TN – When a person is starting their own business, they can reduce the risk of future problems and increase their chances of success by consulting with an attorney regarding many important matters. Business law covers everything from contract formation, relationships with employees, to defending against lawsuits. These are all crucial issues for any business, and it may be problematic for the company to try to figure these matters out on their own. For these reasons, it helps if an attorney is consulted regarding business formation and other issues.

How should the business be incorporated?

A business can be incorporated as a limited liability corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, or other type of entity. The type of corporation that is formed can vary based on the needs of the business, and there are also concerns with liability if the company is ever sued. Even something like taxation can be affected by the type of entity that the ownership of the business forms. 

How to handle relationships with employees?

Any new company that needs to hire other people should have some kind of employment contracts in writing. This will outline the responsibilities and obligations of both the employer and their employees. If the employee breaches their agreement, it will also be much easier to take action based on their reading the document and signing off on the terms at a previous time. 

What are potential insurance issues?

Another form of risk management and anticipating potential liability is to get relevant business insurance. This can vary based on the type of work that the company is doing, as certain materials and activities are much more likely to have the potential for injuries and losses. There are a number of insurance companies that provide commercial insurance that is tailored to the needs of various business models, and costs can vary based on the company’s relative risk. 

How to protect trade secrets and intellectual property?

Most industries have customs for protecting trade secrets and intellectual property. However, it is also helpful to have advice from a lawyer that is more specific to the company’s needs. Part of the protections for trade secrets may have to be listed in employment agreements in order to avoid the possibility of exposure to competitors. Other companies may have significant issues with intellectual property, as their products are based on their proprietary information and unique creations that must be protected. 

Tennessee business lawyers

The Law Office of George R. Fusner is a practice that can help people with various business law issues in the Nashville area. Anyone who needs to learn more about the services provided by the firm can schedule a meeting with an attorney.

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