What are examples of illegal labor practices in Tyler?

Tyler, TX – Employers are supposed to follow certain regulations and laws, especially when dealing with their employees. Despite the fact that these rules exist, it is common for employers to violate various labor laws. When this happens, the employer is not always corrected or sued, so it is possible that illegal practices can persist for a long time, and the workers may start to assume that these illegal acts are okay. However, employees have the right to take action with the assistance of an attorney when they find illegal conduct. It is important for anyone who wants to find out more about the process for bringing a lawsuit to meet with a local lawyer. 


Civil rights laws protect all workers from being mistreated on their job due to their race, religion, gender, or national origin. This includes discrimination in hiring practices, termination of a worker’s position based on their membership in a protected class, withholding benefits or pay, or any other acts that will negatively affect the worker. Employers can face serious legal consequences if they are named in a lawsuit for discrimination, or if they retaliate against any worker who has reported discrimination and attempted to get protection.  

Illegal pay practices

One of the most common problems that a worker will have to deal with in their relationship with their employer is wage theft. This can include everything from stealing a worker’s tips, to improperly classifying them as a salaried employee to avoid paying overtime, as well as illegal deductions from a worker’s paycheck. Wage theft collectively costs American workers millions of dollars each year. When a worker takes action to be compensated properly, they are able to be paid the full outstanding amount they are owed, along with other damages such as interest on wages that were paid late. 

Sexual harassment

All workers are protected from gender based discrimination and harassment. While much sexual harassment is committed against workers by their supervisor or boss, it is possible that coworkers or customers can subject a person to a hostile work environment. Any employee who has been asked for sexual favors or consistently mistreated while working is able to bring a lawsuit. These types of scenarios can result in lawsuits for quid pro quo harassment or a hostile work environment that affects any reasonable worker’s ability to perform on their job.    

Information about labor lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is an employment firm that works with clients in the Tyler area and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys can provide more information about various kinds of labor lawsuits, sexual harassment, wage theft, and other aspects of employment law. 

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