What are examples of wage theft in San Angelo?

San Angelo, TX – Wage theft is a very common problem in workplaces in Texas and other states. Many people will experience some kind of wage theft at least once in their career. This is because not all employers follow the wage laws set by the state and federal government, and some employers are not aware of all of these regulations. There are labor attorneys in San Angelo and other cities who assist workers with their wage issues. If a worker has not been paid properly, they are always able to take action to receive the full outstanding amount within six months of when the pay was due. 

Minimum wage violations

All employers are required to follow the minimum wage law. Both the federal government and the state of Texas have set the minimum wage to the same amount, so this is the minimum that can be paid to any worker in Texas. Aside from actually setting a worker’s pay below this level, employers are also not allowed to engage in behaviors such as deductions of pay or tips that would cause their wages to drop below minimum wage. 

No paid break time

Workers are allowed to have certain breaks throughout the course of a day. Some employers illegally tell workers that they are not allowed to have breaks, or that all of their break time must be unpaid. Only long breaks that are legitimate meal breaks can be taken without pay. 

Not paying overtime

Overtime laws tend to be more complex than other wage regulations. This is because the forty hour work week can start on a different day depending on the employer’s preference. It is also possible that the employer can classify some workers as salaried to avoid paying overtime for work beyond forty hours in the week, but workers are sometimes misclassified as well. There are also legitimate exceptions for independent contractors and certain administrative employees. 

Employees who work more than forty hours in a week should check to see if they are eligible for overtime based on their status. 

Pay deductions

A paycheck will have deductions for taxes, social security, and other items. However, some employers illegally withhold pay from workers by essentially making up categories of deductions or forcing them to pay for things like work supplies. This is also considered a form of wage theft, because the worker is not taking home the full amount that is actually due. 

Wage theft lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that handles labor law issues for their clients in San Angelo and other cities in Texas. Anyone who wants to meet with a licensed employment attorney can contact their office to schedule a meeting.

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