Charleston, SCWorkers compensation claims are an important way to protect people from job related injuries, but the process to file the claim and receive payment can also be confusing. The workers compensation system is paid for by all employers through special insurance so that their workers can still be paid as long as their injury was related to legitimate job duties

What happens after a work injury

The employee should be aware that they may miss time from their job, and they may have medical expenses. Workers compensation can help cover both kinds of losses, but there may be specifics to each individual case that should be discussed with the company’s human resources department and the worker’s attorney. Additional forms of assistance like job training may also be provided through the workers compensation system. There are time limits as to how long the injured person will be able to receive compensation through this system, but it may also be advisable to file a separate personal injury lawsuit against the person or business responsible if the injuries are serious. 

Will the employee be covered under their employers insurance?

The answer is almost always yes. Employers are required to pay into the workers compensation system by law. The coverage is activated as soon as the worker is injured while they are engaged in any kind of routine work that is associated with their job. 

What are the exceptions to coverage?

If someone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or engaged in non work related duties, they may not be covered. There can also be questions regarding transportation to and from work at the beginning of the end of the day if the worker has not technically started to labor at the direction of their employer when an injury or accident happened. Certain independent contractors who are not actually employees, or temporary workers may not be covered, as they do not technically have an employer at the company. 

Employers and workers compensation insurance

In South Carolina and every other state, there are slightly different laws about workers compensation insurance. However, as long as the company is large enough to have to carry insurance by law, the workers will be covered. The employers also have to follow certain administrative procedures and file documentation after any incident happens. They are also required to give notice of the workers compensation process and employee rights. 

Workers compensation lawyers in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm focuses on workers compensation cases for injured workers in the Charleston area. Anyone who needs help from a licensed attorney in South Carolina can contact the firm for additional information. 

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