A collision recently occurred in Sulphur, LA, nearby to Lake Charles involving a school bus and a passenger vehicle. KPLC TV stated that a vehicle traveling west on Patton Street, just east of Beglis Parkway, ran through a red light and struck the school bus which was headed south. The school bus, which operates under the Calcasieu Parish School Board, was carrying about 40 students at the time of the collision. The students were from “Sulphur’s ninth-grade campus and W.W. Lewis Middle School.”
Sulphur police arrived at the scene and identified four students who had suffered from minor injuries. They had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. The remaining students who had been involved in the wreck were picked up from the accident scene by their parents. The driver of the car that ran the red light also suffered minor injuries and had to be transported to an area hospital.

City of Lake Charles Works to Improve Intersection Safety for Drivers

The City of Lake Charles is working to improve certain intersections within the city by making them an all-way-stop.
Aside from residents in Lake Charles and nearby cities having to worry about drivers who fail to stop at red lights, another issue lies at the intersections. Many drivers often fail to adhere to the right of way of another car or blatantly disregard the stop sign they might have. However, KPLC 7 recently reported that the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is working toward making the intersections in Lake Charles safer for everyone. The news outlet stated that the intersection of La. 397 and Highway 14 has become a major concern for the department and they have been studying this intersection since 2015.
While the department worked to find a solution to make this intersection safer, they finally came up with one and that is to make it an all-way stop. The source highlighted that two all-way stops have already been added to Ward Line Road and La. 397 and two more will be added to Highway 14. Tammy York, who is a public information officer for the Lake Charles DOTD, stated that these improvements were not the only ones that were scheduled to be made. In fact, the all-way stop intersections were only temporary until they are able to be replaced with a round-a-bout.
The round-a-bout project is scheduled to be finished by October 2020.
When drivers neglect to adhere to traffic laws such as stopping at red lights and taking their time when driving through intersections, they contribute to making the road a more dangerous place for everyone, including innocent children who are simply being transported on a school bus. The fact is, these stop signs and stop lights are there to help prevent an accident from occurring are expected to keep the flow of traffic moving. And if you were recently involved in an accident in Louisiana with someone who broke one or more traffic laws, the Lake Charles, LA accident attorneys at Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson, LLC want to help you hold that driver accountable for the damage they have caused. Because that driver was negligent in some way, it becomes easier to recover the compensation you may need to repair your vehicle or cover the medical expenses that have accrued for the treatment you received.
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