Elder abuse and neglect are ongoing issues that continue to interfere with the lives of aging individuals. While some are abused by their caretakers while still living in their homes, others are mistreated by nursing home staff members. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), as many as five million aging individuals are abused each year in the U.S.

If a relative of a nursing home resident believes their loved one is being abused or neglected by staff members and they aren’t sure who they can turn to for help, the upstate NY personal injury attorneys at Stanley Law are available to answer their questions and address their concerns.


How to tell when a relative is being abused or neglected by nursing home staff members in upstate New York?


Most individuals are able to determine when their loved one isn’t being treated properly. Generally, their behavior and attitude serve as good indicators of when something isn’t right. In addition to attitude and change in behavior, there are some other signs of abuse and neglect that family members should keep an eye out for, some of which are discussed down below.


Signs of Elder Abuse


There are many forms of elder abuse that occur in nursing homes in upstate NY and northern Pennsylvania. Some of these include:

  • Physical Abuse– Some common signs of physical abuse include bruising, fractures, burns, abrasions, and pressure marks, according to the NCOA.
  • Emotional Abuse– A nursing home resident could be the victim of emotional abuse if they begin to withdraw themselves from normal activities, are on high alert often, seem to be depressed, or argue with one or more staff members.
  • Sexual Abuse– Signs include a change in behavior, stained or bloodied undergarments, unexplained infections, and redness or bruising around their genitalia.


Signs of Neglect


Neglect is another common issue that occurs in nursing homes and is responsible for causing aging individuals to suffer from serious and even fatal health conditions. Some signs of neglect include poor hygiene, unexplained weight loss, bedsores, ignored medical needs, etc., according to the NCOA.


What factors put an aging individual more at risk of being abused?


According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), the following factors have been known to put an aging individual more at risk of being abused: 

  • Dementia. According to a study, approximately 50% of people who suffer from dementia experience some form of abuse.
  • Functional impairment or poor physical health.
  • Gender. Data has revealed that women seem to be abused more often than men.1


What to do if a loved one is being abused or neglected by nursing home staff members in NY or PA?


If an individual has a relative living in a nursing home in upstate New York or even northern Pennsylvania and they suspect they are being mistreated, they can contact Stanley Law to discuss their issue with a NY personal injury attorney. An attorney will take the to explain their rights and help them take legal action against the facility given it is warranted.


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