Baton Rouge, LACollisions that involve at least one large truck or semi trailer are almost always more dangerous than accidents that only involve standard sized cars. There are some specific reasons as to why these vehicles cause serious problems on the road, which are usually because of the size, weight, and cargo.  

Problems with large sized vehicles

A truck with a semi trailer is several times the size of a sedan or most other standard vehicles. This is true for many different dimensions, such as length, height, and weight. These trucks also take several hundred feet to come to a complete stop. When there is a great size difference between a truck and another vehicle that crash together, the larger vehicle will obviously cause much more damage to the smaller one. This tendency for severe damage is also relevant to calculating the costs of property damage and destruction in the areas surrounding the crash. 

Stability issues

The size and weight of a large trailer also creates a strong possibility that the vehicle will jackknife during averse road conditions. This can include roads that are wet or icy, or simply because the driver has to suddenly apply the brakes. It is always a possibility that the truck flips on its side during these sudden movements. Other vehicles can get caught by the trailer, and large pile ups that happen on highways are usually started by one or more trucks that jackknife. 

Driver errors

Truck drivers have a very difficult job because they need to spend extended periods of time focused on the roads. There are rules in place about mandatory breaks and restricted working hours, however some drivers will still stay on the road even if they are fatigued or their workday should be over. Some trucking companies are also not as vigilant as they should be in terms of monitoring their workers and ensuring that they are complying with all relevant regulations. 

Defective truck parts 

Something as simple as a flat tire can be devastating if a truck is travelling at a high speed on a highway. Problems with tires and brakes are common on large commercial vehicles, and they are a consistent cause of accidents. Improper maintenance by a company that is trying to save money can exacerbate these problems if a defective part is not noticed or replaced in a timely manner. 

Contacting a local attorney in Louisiana

After a truck accident, victims can get help in the Baton Rouge area from an experienced personal injury firm. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf focus their efforts on helping local clients find compensation for their losses through civil lawsuits. 

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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