Yuma, AZ – Even if a driver has an auto insurance policy in place, it is likely that they will have to deal with a number of sudden financial issues after a car crash. Things like not being able to work and having huge medical expenses can totally change the victim’s life. The process of bringing a civil lawsuit against the person or business responsible is usually the best way to handle such a situation. 

Lost income 

This can be a very large source of loss if the person’s ability to work and earn a living is affected for an extended period of time, or permanently. Aside from time away from work during a recovery period, the accident victim can also project future lost income and argue for this amount if they have a diminished capacity to earn in the coming years. For victims who have a long career ahead or a high potential to earn, their lawyer may argue for substantial amounts. 

Healthcare costs

This is probably the most obvious source of expense because healthcare costs in Arizona and the rest of the United States have increased so much in the last few decades. Treatment and long term care for serious injuries can easily reach into the thousands or millions of dollars worth of medical bills and various other types of services. Because these expenses are so sudden and so large, a lawsuit is often the only way for the victim to realistically be able to pay for treatment. 

Property and vehicle damage

If a driver has collision coverage on their insurance policy, they may be able to receive enough funds from their provider to repair their vehicle without spending much out of pocket. However, this is not always the case and vehicle damage can cost thousands to repair. The victim should file a claim immediately after the accident to see how much of this damage will be covered under their policy. 

The process of adding up losses

When the victim contacts their injury lawyer, they can add up all of these losses. The initial complaint that starts the case will list many of these issues, and a figure that totals all of the victim’s financial issues can become a starting point in settlement negotiations. If the case goes to trial, the plaintiff’s lawyer will argue why this amount is appropriate to the jury before they deliberate. 

Personal injury firms in Yuma

Injured drivers in the Yuma area have the option of getting professional advice and guidance from an experienced local accident firm. Schneider and Onofry are available to help clients with lawsuits and related issues under Arizona law.

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

207 W. 2nd St., Yuma AZ 85364



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