What are some problems that can happen while giving birth in Iowa?

Iowa City, IA – Giving birth is always a stressful process that can result in complications. If the doctor or any of the other healthcare personnel present at the time engage in negligent or reckless behavior, the result may be a birth injury. There are some problems that can happen during the process of birth and delivery that are very serious. A birth injury can affect the child’s ability to develop properly and live a normal life in the following years. In some cases, a birth injury can cause a permanent disability. If parents want to be compensated for their costs and trauma associated with a birth injury, they can retain an attorney to file a lawsuit and obtain a settlement.   

Common types of birth injuries

Any kind of physical obstruction or force can result in an injury related to this kind of trauma. This includes bone fractures, bleeding, reduced circulation, and nerve damage. Depending on the specifics of the injury, the baby may only have superficial damage that results in cuts or bruises, while more severe physical impacts during extraction of the child can cause long term or permanent physical disabilities. Advice from a medical professional is necessary to determine how long the injury may take to heal, or if special procedures are needed to correct the problem. 

Another problem during birth is when vacuum extraction is used. This suction can either be too excessive or result in the baby being injured by the force of being pulled from the birth canal. These kinds of injuries are also more likely if the child is born prematurely or is larger than average. 

The nerves that control a baby’s face are sometimes injured during birth. In some cases, this can cause temporary paralysis of part of the baby’s facial movements. If the nerve damage is serious, surgery is needed to correct the problem and restore normal function. 

Compensation for a birth injury

As with many other civil cases, the compensation that is available tends to reflect the injuries sustained by the victim along with how seriously these problems will affect the child’s future. This includes the costs of any additional medical treatment, future lost earning potential related to a disability, and pain and suffering related to the family’s psychological stress, physical pain, and trauma. Settlements tend to be more favorable if there is clear evidence that the medical professionals responsible for the birth violated their standard of care.  

Injury lawyers in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that helps people with various kinds of injuries throughout the state of Iowa. Their attorneys are available to provide advice about the process to file a civil case for compensation.

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Eells and Tronvold Law Offices

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