What are some problems that emerge during the insurance claim process after an accident in Lafayette?

Lafayette, LA – When a driver is involved in a car crash, they are required to report the collision to their insurance provider. This is also the way that they are paid for property damage and repairs, as well as covered from liability from lawsuits. However, there are also problems with the insurance claim process that routinely affect drivers who need financial help. Some drivers may even be reluctant to file a claim at all because their insurance costs will go up. 

Settlements that are insufficient to cover losses

Insurance companies have a number of ways that they attempt to save money, even if someone is hurt in a car accident. The provider may offer a settlement for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but if the victim does not check to see what their total expenses related to the accident will be, this settlement may not be nearly enough. Anyone who has received a settlement offer from an insurance company should always review it with a lawyer before accepting. There should be sufficient time to review what the value of actual losses tied to the accident are.

Claim denials

Many car insurance policies have a lot of fine print regarding what damage and losses are covered, versus what is not. One of the most common reasons for a delay is timing issues, so anyone involved in a collision should report the incident to their insurance provider as soon as possible. There are also issues regarding what drivers, passengers, or other parties may be covered under a specific policy. A basic car insurance policy may only protect the driver from liability, but not cover anything else as these additional types of coverage may cause policy costs to increase. 

Coverage that is not helpful for severe accidents

A standard auto insurance policy will usually cover somewhere between ten and twenty five thousand dollars per accident. If the damage is less than this amount and a claim is approved, the driver should not have any issues. However, it is likely that a severe accident can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars when things like lost income, medical treatment, and property damage are all factored together. People in this situation often need to contact a personal injury attorney and file a lawsuit to get more money than their insurance company will pay out in a claim. 

Personal injury attorneys in Lafayette

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf handle accident lawsuits for local clients in Lafayette, Louisiana. An initial consultation is the best way for anyone who has recently been injured to determine if a lawsuit is necessary and how the firm can help. 

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