What are some problems that workers may have with their pay in Timberwood Park?

Timberwood Park, TX – Things such as missing wages, unpaid overtime, and wage theft are actually very common problems for the workforce in Texas and other states around the country. This can happen for a number of different reasons, but even if the employer has made an honest mistake, they are still required to give workers their full outstanding pay, along with any overtime as required by law. Workers who have problems with missing pay can contact the Texas Workforce Commission and get help from a local labor attorney in Timberwood Park.

Missing or unpaid overtime

Most workers who have been at their job for more than forty hours in a week are eligible to receive overtime pay of one and one half times their standard pay rate. Unfortunately many employers are either unaware of overtime laws, they purposely classify workers as exempt to avoid paying overtime, or they may make mistakes that result in the person not being paid their full hours and overtime pay. 

Wage theft

Wage theft is a broad term for many employer actions that result in their employees missing wages. This can include taking their tips, asking for work without pay, illegal deductions from a paycheck, and finding other ways to underpay workers. All wage theft is not allowed under state or federal law, and these employers can be forced to pay outstanding wages, plus interest and other damages through a missing wage lawsuit. Unfortunately, much wage theft that happens throughout the United States is never discovered or reported, and it costs American workers millions each year. 

Improper classifications

Many employers want to simply say that all of their workers are salaried or independent contractors to avoid having to pay out certain benefits or overtime. It is often much cheaper for a company to simply pay workers straight time for all hours worked or put them on a salary that will not change regardless of how much they work. Workers who have questions about their employment status such as eligibility for overtime or whether they are salaried can get outside help from a labor attorney. 

Improper pay and pay statement issues

Workers should always ask for a pay statement and check it for accuracy. Employers are required to keep records of each worker’s hours and pay by law. The pay statement should also only contain legal deductions, such as those for federal taxes, social security, and other deductions that apply to the specific worker. 

Help from an employment lawyer in Texas

There are attorneys in Timberwood Park and nearby parts of Texas who can help with all issues related to unpaid wages, or other problems such as discrimination and harassment. Moore and Associates is a trusted labor law practice

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