Nashville, TN – Tennessee has a large amount of truckers who need to work on the state’s highways every day. While most deliveries are made safely, there are still accidents on these roads that can have serious consequences. A few specific, common problems are responsible for many of these accidents. Regardless of the reason for the accident, the victim can try to bring a lawsuit against the driver and the company that owns the truck to be compensated for their injuries. 

Truck cargo

If the trailer of the vehicle has a cargo load that is unsecured, moves around during shipping, or experiences uneven weight distribution, this can actually affect the driver and their ability to control their vehicle. In some cases, trucks have been known to flip over or experience brake failures because of issues with the cargo.

Lack of driver training and errors

Truck driving is heavily regulated by states and the federal government because of the dangers associated with operating large vehicles for several hours at a time. All truckers need to pass tests to get their commercial driver’s license, and they may undergo additional training at various points in time. However, being on the roads for hours without stopping or taking breaks can start to affect the driver’s reflexes and ability to make good decisions. Some drivers have even lost their commercial driving privileges due to things like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and violations of traffic laws. Fatigue is another common reason why drivers can start to lose focus and become more likely to get in an accident. 

Issues with the truck

Trucks are much more difficult to control and maneuver than standard vehicles, this makes issues with the brakes, tires, and other crucial parts much more dangerous. Trucks require high levels of maintenance and regular inspections by mechanics to avoid these problems. Unfortunately, some trucking companies do not invest as much time and money into repairs as they should.  

Lawsuits after a truck accident

Regardless of the reason for the accident, the trucking company and the individual driver can be made to answer a civil lawsuit. The victim can try to receive compensation for all of their losses and costs tied to the collision. The best way to start this process is for the victim to meet with a local attorney who handles lawsuits against trucking companies

Local personal injury attorneys in Nashville

George Fusner is an experienced lawyer who deals with various matters related to car and motor vehicle accidents, auto insurance claims, and personal injury law. Accident victims in the Nashville area and other nearby parts of Tennessee can contact his firm to learn more about representation. 

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The Law Office of George R. Fusner

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