What are some risks taken in the trucking business that may cause accidents in Florida?

West Palm Beach, FL – Many businesses engage in certain behaviors to try to save money. Sometimes this is done at the expense of quality in products or having properly trained workers. Unfortunately, when the trucking industry tries to save costs, some of these measures may actually make it much more likely that their drivers or others on the roads can be involved in an accident and get hurt. 

Maintenance and repairs

All motor vehicles should regularly have their tires and brakes checked, oil changed, and certain other parts inspected to avoid failures and accidents on the roads. However, businesses with fleets of vehicles can save significant sums of money if this kind of maintenance is done less often than it should be. If a truck has not been inspected in a long time, and there is a sudden failure on the roads, the results can be catastrophic. Aside from actually performing the inspections and repairs, the company is supposed to keep records of maintenance to help indicate when service is necessary. 

Improper training

If a business needs to invest in safety or skills training for several workers at once, this can become expensive. In some cases, the company may not provide important training about things like safety features and new methods of record keeping. The lack of training will usually lead to increased risk in the future.

Risks taken by drivers

It is common for drivers to work longer than they should to try to get a job done quicker. This is extremely dangerous, because a driver who is responsible for a very large vehicle can cause significant property damage and fatalities if they make even a small mistake. Drivers are regulated in terms of working hours and rest breaks, however not all drivers always follow the rules. 

When an accident happens

A trucking company may be sued for negligence if they cause an accident. Evidence of any of these issues can possibly be introduced by the victim as proof of negligent behavior. Taking unnecessary or known risks may even be considered reckless, and it is possible that the plaintiff can be awarded punitive damages. For specific advice after any trucking accident, the victim should contact an experienced local attorney and explain their situation. The potential value of the lawsuit is contingent on a number of factors.

Finding the right injury attorney in Florida

There are personal injury attorneys in West Palm Beach who are available to help local clients after any kind of truck or car accident. Smith and Vanture can assist with the process to reach a settlement agreement or go to trial. 

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