Iowa City, IA – Many nursing homes receive negative publicity for things like poor quality care, viral outbreaks, and inadequate staff training. However, there are also some facilities that consistently pass inspections without issue and provide high quality care to their patients. Any family that is considering a nursing home for a relative should do some research to ensure that the facility is able to provide adequate services to avoid problems later. 

Making residents a priority through proper staffing

All of the most highly rated nursing homes consistently work together as teams to provide the best possible care for their residents. Some of the things that make this goal easier include having low turn over and high staff retention. When the employees at the home know each other and have relationships, they are also more likely to treat those under their care well and have adequate training. Staffing levels should also stay consistent to accomplish these goals, rather than merely hiring before an inspection.  

Environment and mental health issues

It is common for elderly people in nursing homes to develop depression, become socially isolated, and deal with other mental health problems. A facility that is less likely to have residents with these issues should appear to have a strong social support structure and good interactions between the staff, administration, and patients. There should also be some kind of calendar or schedule of social activities to keep the residents active and interacting with each other. 

Cleanliness and sanitation

When any kind of illness, bacteria, or viral outbreak happens in a facility, the vulnerable people inside can become seriously ill or even pass away from catching an infectious disease. All of the best nursing homes have a clean appearance and regular maintenance. Common areas and dining rooms should be of special concern, as these are where outbreaks are most likely to originate. All of these areas should be free of obstacles and debris as well, as falling injuries are particularly problematic in older populations

A record of success

It is important for anyone considering a facility to do some kind of research online and look for issues in the home’s past. Things like inspections and reviews should be consistently positive if the home has not had any issues with patient mistreatment, injuries, or illness. The government provides records of the outcomes of mandatory inspections. 

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